Bent, But Not Broken

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

This why I play in the dirt. 

Weekend Guests

It’s the second day of fall.   Instead of falling leaves, there are mushroom communes popping up overnight.

Scoot over mulch and pine and make way for the ‘shrooms.


I bet there will be a few more clusters before the day is over.


Happy Friday!

Raleigh Reclaimed

In the 1950’s, tobacco barns were a huge part of the landscape in North Carolina.  About half million of them were scattered throughout the state.   Drying tobacco was  big business in those days.

Today that number has dwindled to 50,000.  Even in my area, I’ve seen more than a few crumble into themselves or die at the hand of a bulldozer.  And it makes me sad.

Thankfully, some of these historic structures are being reclaimed by artisans like Josh and Billy of Raleigh Reclaimed.  I stopped in on Tuesday with a client to pick out some beautiful wood for a home office and living room.   My clients will have a piece of history in their home, not to mention a very warm, cozy space to enjoy with their family and friends.





Road Warriors

I was just hoping he didn’t hit a bump in the road.  That pile of watermelons is taller than the sides of that truck.

img_1406-1Apparently,  trucks carrying watermelons are a common site in Maryland.  How very lovely, but my mind raced  as I imagined a giant watermelon hurdling through my windshield like a meteor racing toward Earth.

I slowed down. Quickly.  And moved lanes.

I might have issues,  but stranger things have happened to me while driving.

One time a deer jumped headfirst into the third row of my minivan while I was on my way back from soccer with my son, Hank.

That’s deer fur lining the frame of what used to be my 3rd row window of my  Honda Odyssey. That blue carseat is where Hank was sitting when the  buck with massive antlers jumped through his window, barely scraping his cheeks and landing on the far side of the back seat.


I’m pretty sure the McDonald’s Happy Meal I had just ordered for Hank saved his life.  On that night he was consumed with his chicken nuggets and fries instead of wiggling around in his carseat.

He walked away with a few scrapes and cuts, mostly from the window bits.

After the firemen cleaned up up, he turned to me and asked me if he could eat the rest of his chicken nuggets and fries. I told him we would get some new ones.

We were so lucky.

So…when I see a bunch of watermelon piled up high on the back of a small truck…as quaint as it might be…I am getting out of Dodge.

No one messes with my babies on the road.


Happy Saturday

The Story behind The Michelin Man 

Fleamarkets rock because you never know what you’re going to find.

These little, or should I say plump, Michelin men caught my eye at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds last weekend.  There were tons of them amidst all kinds of very cool and somewhat junkie other metal pieces.

I have no attachment or history to the Michelin man but when I saw them, I kind of swooned over their cuteness. And it did take me back to a time when they were popular, so naturally I did a little digging to find out more.

It gets interesting.

Michelin Man was one of the world’s oldest trademarks and his origin is clever and amusing.

The story goes like this:  Two brothers, Edouard and Andre Michelin thought the stack of tires piled up next to their exhibit at the Lyon Exhibition of 1894. Edouard thought it looked like an armless man. Nothing happened, but the seed was planted.  Four years later, Andre was hanging out with french cartoonist, Marius Rossillon when the Michelin Man inspiration hit.  Rossillon had just shown him a sketch rejected by a Munich brewery.  It was a giant figure of a man, rather commanding and regal, holding a big mug of beer and quoting Horace’s ode:  “Nunc set bibendum”, which means “Now is the time to drink.”  Andre remembered those tires when he saw the sketch.  He asked Rossillon to draw it again, but this time as a man made out of tires.  Michellin Man, a.k.a Bibendum, is now one the world’s most famous trademarks, representing Michelin in over 150 countries.

Who knew?

Love a good story.   We all know the Michelin Man.  Talk about successful branding.

What will I do with my two Michelin men?  I see them atop a pile of books on a shelf…bringing a smile to my heart.

“Nunc est bibendum!”

"Color your world."

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