From Bright White To Dreamy Creamy

Pokemon Go Summer

It’s been a million degrees outside these past few days, but that hasn’t stopped this hunter from searching for Pokemon. However,  even hunters need a water break.


Pokemon Go has been more than just a fun quest.  We’ve been meeting people everywhere we go.  Hank loves it so much and I love watching him walk up to strangers to find out their level and team.   I think they kind of like it, too.


Anything that brings people outside and  connect strangers is all right with me.  We have met the friendliest, most enthusiastic Pokemon hunters all over Cary. We are on our way back to Bond Park in a few.  It’s a Pokemon hot spot, for sure.

I’m also really enjoying the chance to discover beautiful colors.  I’m not sure what this is, but isn’t it exquisite?


I’m trying to play the game myself, but I have no clue what I’m doing.   However,  I can carry water, get some excellent walking in there while eating up this time with my favorite guy.


Three Shades of Gray

Why bother with 50 when three shades of gray will do quite nicely?  We’re talking about paint color, of course.  :)

My clients knew they wanted to lighten up their space.  For nine or so years, they enjoyed a home with rich colors, creamy cabinets and trim and lots of beige.  They were over it.

I gave them a  quiz to confirm their style preferences.   Turns out they lean more toward  industrial/contemporary/minimalists. No real surprise there. With that in mind, I chose a color palette on the cooler, lighter side. We talked about it.  It became clear they needed something on the cooler, lighter side.  Something that would zap those beiges and creams and that New Mexico look.

Three shades of gray to the rescue.🙂

I chose a charcoal accent color on the backs of the built-ins and knee walls to add a little interest and keep all that light gray from feeling drowned out by all the natural light from this two-story room.   And because charcoal is dramatic, rich color.  Instant impact. Changing  all the trim from off-white to cool white completes the look.    A lighter gray hue in the common areas (kitchen, living rooms), a darker a slightly more greige in the bathrooms to work with those beige tiles and a darker accent color to bring some real interest to their space.

What was a beautiful house became even lovelier, fresher and more peaceful.

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Shadows on the Ceiling

When I was a child, I used to pretend the ceiling was a floor.  I imagined how crispy clean it would be to feel and loved the idea of experiencing the life turned upside down.   Just walking around would feel a bit futuristic..  IMG_9978Looking up at the ceiling also makes you look twice.  Like, “wait, is that really the light causing that rectangular strip or did somebody miss a spot?”

And then you realize, nope…just light and shadows at play… in the middle of an afternoon. IMG_9976

Summer is meant for many things, but slowing down the pace, noticing the space around me,  is most definitely at the top of my list.

The Genius of Josef Frank

“The home must not be a mere efficient machine.  It must offer comfort, rest, and coziness.”

-Josef Frank

One of his many beautiful textiles he created for the Swedish furniture company, Svenskt Tenn.


He didn’t believe in rules and cared more about joy over restraint.  I think that’s quite apparent in his designs.

Josef Frank

Although most of Frank’s  furniture and textiles were designed in the 1930’s-40’s, most are still in production today.

You can check out more at these sites:


I’m thinking about wallpapering my walk-in closet or powder room with one his designs.  Just makes me happy.


Cycle of Life

It’s hard to feel cheery today with all that’s going on in the world.  It’s impossible to make sense of such human depravity.

But we begin and grow the same.  img_5651-2
When we are nourished and cared for, we grow strong.  We are happy.   img_8003-2We become contributing members of society.  
It is how things are supposed to be.

Somehow, love must rule over hate.


And when we begin to falter, we lean on those we gave our love to and they give it back.


Until finally, we reach the end.   And even then, we leave something behind.

I don’t know how and if that can or will ever happen. But we must never give up on the belief that one day, when we’re long gone, we made a difference in our world. 

Over and over, again.

It’s Your Home

“House are like portraits.  When you create a home for someone, you have an opportunity to make it specific, individual, and a little bit uncanny.  It should fit like a glove.  If we were working together, you would tell me about yourself, and I would try to be responsive. It’s a fun process because you get to know somebody.”

– Annabelle Selldorf, architect


It’s always nice to read an article and make a connection with someone you’ll probably never meet.

Thank you, Annabelle Selldorf.  I could not agree more.


"Color your world."


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