“Live and die, we’re the same.”

“Live like a Pharaoh, sing like a sparrow anyway.  Even if there is no land or love in sight.”

-The Avett Brothers, “Live and Die”

Think about it.  I know I had to.   Not only are those Avett Brothers talented musicians and incredibly good-looking, but they are wise, too.  That’s why they are this week’s choice for Wednesday Words of Wisdom.    What I take from above line from their song, “Live and Die”  is this:  Grab life and live it as best as you can.  Until you die. No matter what comes your way.

That works for me.

It is also what propels me to create a home that provides that lift, that anchor that renews my spirit and just makes my life better.  Imagine if we all took care of our space like our lives depended on it.  I think there just might be many more happier people in the world.

Do you remember that chandelier I found at ReStore Habitat for Humanity a couple of posts ago?

Here it is in the Cary ReStore location, a diamond in the rough.


Well, I hung it up in the master bedroom at last!  Miracles do happen.

Still need to finish painting the rest of the trim,  but here’s what the space looked before I replaced this not-so-lovely and kind-of-boring light fixture (aka nipple light).


I still need to finish painting, but here it is!


Closer view.

img_0746This makes my heart shine.

The house is always a work in progress.  The work is in finding the things that bring you joy and eliminating the stuff that doesn’t.

And now, without further ado, I bring you The Avett Brothers!

Oh and Avett Brothers, in case you see this…

thank you.❤

Staffordshire Pottery

When I don’t know something in the design world, I write it down and look it up later.  Live and let learn.   There’s nothing like uncovering a little mystery and taking one step closer toward becoming a more informed designer.  I love it.

Today it is Staffordshire pottery.   I’ll admit, I’ve heard the name, but did not make any true association with anything other than my general English pottery vision of a porcelain tea cup.

It’s a bit more.   Check out this antique dog.  With super red lips.


And then this antique grandma mouse.


I love the antique porcelain animals.  A merry sense of humor, those English…

Staffordshire is a county and industrial area in England.  The pottery comes mostly from the county’s largest city, Stoke-on Tent, which grew out of six town in the early 20th century.

What makes their porcelain so special?  The combination of the clay, salt, lead and coal, located near the river.  Kind of a perfect storm for pottery.  Farming…not so much.  Many famous pottery names have come out of this area including  Spode, Wedgewood, Doulton and Minton.  My mother has collected Spode for years.  It’s gorgeous.


And now I know what makes it special and where it came from.

And now I know.  So do you.🙂







Why Your Home Matters

“When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.”  -Rose Tarlow  

It’s not about the decorations.  It’s not about the Jones’s next door.  It’s about choosing happiness and joy.  It’s about self-care.   Our homes can make us or break us or leave us suspended in a state of perpetual procrastination….”I’ll hang those pictures or paint those walls next week, month…”

I do what I do because I live it.  Just like you.  But I also know there’s always a solution to that problem and I like to work on it, one room at a time.  Right now, it’s my master bedroom.  It’s been a slow process, but steadily it’s coming together.  I cannot wait to share the room makeover.  Been promising for eons, but today, I am pleased to report that one of the final missing pieces came together.  I’ve hated that nipple light over my bed.  I don’t mean to be offensive, but the description should give you a good visual of what I’m talking about.   Today, I found the perfect chandelier to replace it.    It’s going to need to be cleaned and I’ll replace or paint the white base, but this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

Found it!  A vintage glass and crystal chandelier from Habitat for Humanity Resale.  $75!

Look for that post…very soon…hopefully my next one.

I’ll be sharing quotes like above each Wednesday this fall.  Mostly from interior designers, but it could be poets, musicians or anyone with a great quote about making the most of your home and why it’s so good for us.

Next week’s quote is actually from a famous group of singers.  The idea is for you to make a connection to your home and live an easier, happier life.    You’ll find all of them under “Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom”.

You can check out Rose Tarlow’s website here.

There’s always room for change.   Even if change means ouch because change always equals growth.

What room gives you a headache?  Isn’t it time to march in there and take stock of what’s bothering you?

I know a designer…:)


Election Distraction 

I know there will come a time when this will be gone. So whenever I can,  I try to take a picture of these beautiful barns. 

Seeing them comforts me.  

I’ve passed by this one a thousand times, but this morning it looked particularly peaceful as the fog was lifting in the distance.

About an hour earlier, my daughter and I drove past it on our way to her SAT exam site.  Dense fog surrounded the barn, and it looked magical.  

I went back and took this picture. The fog had mostly lifted by then, but the feeling was still so serene.

I didn’t expect to capture that same feeling as earlier. Actually, the field is so lovely, it would be hard to take a bad picture. 

A few hundred yards away…

Look up

If you were ever in doubt of how light determines how we see things, I give you “Exhibit A”, the  ceiling vent. 

One color, many shades. 

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands while waiting for that doctor to walk through the door. 😀

Happy Friday!  

Bent, But Not Broken

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

This why I play in the dirt. 

"Color your world."

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