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Finito Benito


I was feeling a bit colorful yesterday when I saw this ice cream sundae coloring contest in Food Network magazine.

There’s been such a resurgence to the 70’s in the design world. You see it everywhere. Colors, textures and patterns exploding next to each other, macramé hangers holding long, unending trails of green.  Bamboo. 

That’s what inspires this sundae.  It’s a tribute to the summers I remember as a kid from the 70’s. The summers of color and joy and freedom.   Of being outside all day and at the drive-ins or front yard (capturing lightening bugs) at night.  

It was gritty, too. Food wasn’t so pretty or gourmet. It was hotdogs and hamburgers and corn on the cob. I’m happy for those memories. I hope to make them for my own children. Less Martha Stewart. more Janis Joplin.  OK a little easy on the Janis Joplin, but still.  


Pokemon Go Summer

It’s been a million degrees outside these past few days, but that hasn’t stopped this hunter from searching for Pokemon. However,  even hunters need a water break.


Pokemon Go has been more than just a fun quest.  We’ve been meeting people everywhere we go.  Hank loves it so much and I love watching him walk up to strangers to find out their level and team.   I think they kind of like it, too.


Anything that brings people outside and  connect strangers is all right with me.  We have met the friendliest, most enthusiastic Pokemon hunters all over Cary. We are on our way back to Bond Park in a few.  It’s a Pokemon hot spot, for sure.

I’m also really enjoying the chance to discover beautiful colors.  I’m not sure what this is, but isn’t it exquisite?


I’m trying to play the game myself, but I have no clue what I’m doing.   However,  I can carry water, get some excellent walking in there while eating up this time with my favorite guy.


Shadows on the Ceiling

When I was a child, I used to pretend the ceiling was a floor.  I imagined how crispy clean it would be to feel and loved the idea of experiencing the life turned upside down.   Just walking around would feel a bit futuristic..  IMG_9978Looking up at the ceiling also makes you look twice.  Like, “wait, is that really the light causing that rectangular strip or did somebody miss a spot?”

And then you realize, nope…just light and shadows at play… in the middle of an afternoon. IMG_9976

Summer is meant for many things, but slowing down the pace, noticing the space around me,  is most definitely at the top of my list.


Nothing says summertime more than a red geranium soaking up an afternoon shower.

Creating Color Palettes

Aside from the fact that this is a fantastic, fresh cucumber from the garden (with a sprinkle of sea salt),  I see a fresh and inviting color palette.   IMG 5451  It makes me think of a summer cottage by the sea.

Jute (placemat), white, creams, pale yellow green and a dash of red. It feels nautical.

So I try  a google search using exactly the the colors just mentioned.  This is the first image I see:NewImage

Bingo.   This is really close.

I’d want a little more white and less dark brown , but the color palette conveys an airy, cheerful and peaceful space like I imagined when I first noticed the plate of cucumbers.

If you’re trying to figure out some paint color palette for a certain space, start by look around you, or right in front of you.  There are countless combinations around us.   This is the advice I give to my clients.  Pay attention to your surrounding and what moves you.

Discovery often leads to action.