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I was feeling a bit colorful yesterday when I saw this ice cream sundae coloring contest in Food Network magazine.

There’s been such a resurgence to the 70’s in the design world. You see it everywhere. Colors, textures and patterns exploding next to each other, macramé hangers holding long, unending trails of green.  Bamboo. 

That’s what inspires this sundae.  It’s a tribute to the summers I remember as a kid from the 70’s. The summers of color and joy and freedom.   Of being outside all day and at the drive-ins or front yard (capturing lightening bugs) at night.  

It was gritty, too. Food wasn’t so pretty or gourmet. It was hotdogs and hamburgers and corn on the cob. I’m happy for those memories. I hope to make them for my own children. Less Martha Stewart. more Janis Joplin.  OK a little easy on the Janis Joplin, but still.  


Three Shades of Gray

Why bother with 50 when three shades of gray will do quite nicely?  We’re talking about paint color, of course.  🙂

My clients knew they wanted to lighten up their space.  For nine or so years, they enjoyed a home with rich colors, creamy cabinets and trim and lots of beige.  They were over it.

I gave them a  quiz to confirm their style preferences.   Turns out they lean more toward  industrial/contemporary/minimalists. No real surprise there. We talked and walked around.    It became clear they needed something on the cooler, lighter side.  Something that would zap those beiges and creams and that New Mexico look.

Three shades of gray to the rescue. 🙂

I chose a charcoal accent color on the backs of the built-ins and knee walls to add a little interest and keep all that light gray from feeling drowned out by all the natural light from this two-story room.   And because charcoal is dramatic, rich color.  Instant impact. Changing  all the trim from off-white to cool white completes the look.    A lighter gray hue in the common areas (kitchen, living rooms), a darker a slightly more greige in the bathrooms to work with those beige tiles and a darker accent color to bring some real interest to their space.

What was a beautiful house became even lovelier, fresher and more peaceful.

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