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It’s 18 degrees outside, but nothing is stopping me from breaking down the lights and calling the holiday season.   There is a point at which a mere glance at ANY decoration still standing makes me itchy.  Metaphorically speaking.

I love Christmas and all the beauty it brings, but seriously.   Suddenly, those piles of extra things, half opened boxes, books, shoes lying around the house are my worst enemy.

And I just want my mantle back.  Clean, almost bare.   It’s the whole New Year thing.   A fresh start.  Nothing excluded.

I’m like a maniac, leaving no stone unturned.   Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Yes, yes and yes!

It’s going to be bone-chilling cold for the next 7 days in North Carolina.  That means we will not see 40 degrees AT ALL.   That’s what those newscasters are telling us.  MIGHT get snow, so our lovelies are being released early from school today.  They’ll be here in less than two hours.   Can’t waste it.   I’m heading to the living room, wiping down my mantle, pouring myself a cup of tea and sitting my tush on the couch with a book for the next hour.   And maybe I’ll grab a 20 minute nap before the first one says “I’m hungry.”

Word, Meryl.



Farewell, Summer!

Haleigh was ready to say goodbye to summer vacation.

IMG 6128

It’s a real moment.   We were playing Clue.

This scene  could have been reenacted over and over between these three this summer.

Sometimes raising children feels so surreal.  Like, am I really a Mom and doing this?  Yep.    I often ask myself that question.  And then I look at them again, in awe.

There they are.


It’s still surreal, but so far, so good.

One day at a time.  Kind of just like Abraham Lincoln said:

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

Somehow, that helps.

Welcome Autumn!

Mommy Dearest

For those days when my three children (ages 14, 12 and 9) forget all that their mom does for them, I thought  this coloring book would help them to remember:IMG_5869.JPG

I even took some time out of my hectic schedule to share a few pages with them, just in case they needed a little  reminder how awesome their mom really is.

IMG_5873.JPGSometimes my silly little squirrels forget how much their Mommy does for them.  IMG_5871.JPGSome days are tougher than others.

Today has been that kind of day. But, just like this mother duck, I found my way back to the front.IMG_5872.JPG

At first, I sulked for awhile.  Then, I switched tracks and led them  to the roller rink.

My three little ducklings.
My three little ducklings.

And just like that, all is right with the world again.

Dazed and Confused Mom

It was a nonstop week/weekend.  Just like every week these days.  My friend, Amy, warned me years ago when I told her I was pregnant with my third child.  “When you go from two to three kids, you’ll have days where you pull yourself up by the bootstraps  and get on with it,” she said.  Or something like that.  She was right.

I knew I’d be busier.  And I was more than okay with that.   Still am.  Just more tired, dazed and often confused.

Flash forward eight years:dazedmom.jpg

It’s Sunday night after a 4.5 hour high school band banquet.  You can stick a fork in me.  I’m done. Kaput.  Brain has locked down.

Long gone are the days I was limited something short of house arrest.  Those were busy, glorious days.  “Shall we go to the park?” Organized playgroups, “Let’s make play-doh!” The list went on.

I’d collapse each night, tired to the bone, hoping to get a full night’s sleep before before Hank, the nursing champ called out.  I thought of my old dog and the look on her face as her little pups scrambled to get the best spot on her teats(?).  I could relate.  Happy, but bone tired.

Hank and I back in the day.

I remember thinking (and ok, fantasizing) it will be so different when they are off to school.   I will miss them, but I’ll refuel and feel energized!  I did a happy dance.

My children are older now and on the prowl.  They need to be at different places at the same time almost everyday.    I remember my sister-in-law, Jane warning me that it gets busier and busier the older they get:  “You’ll be taking them here and there and everywhere and you will live in your car.”   I thought she was crazy because I was already so busy with three children, all  under seven.  She knew I already had my hands full, but she was preparing and helping me understand what was to be.

At the  time, I thought there’s nothing that could possibly compare.  There were nap times to adhere to, planning meals, playdates, laundry that never ended and so much more.P1010068

But I get it now.  It’s a different kind of busy.  Teenage girls need moms who are tuned in.  They watch, listen and will repeat.  So you need to be on your game 24/7.

Then there’s the schedules.  It’s no longer my schedule as much as it is their schedules.  In fact, my schedule is their schedule now. There’s carpool, ballet, band, soccer, track & field, dropping off and picking up, the mall, the friends.    I just follow the schedules.  Until I collapse at the end of the week, hoping for a day off or even a few hours.  I do get them, but I steal them like a weasel and hoard them like a squirrel.  No one messes with Mom’s free moments.  If they do….be prepared.

I don’t bite, but I do scowl.

And before I know it, they’ll be off to college and I’ll miss them terribly.   Hindsight is so 20/20.