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Finito Benito

The 1980’s in 1,000 Pieces

Perhaps I can go to bed early tonight.  The puzzle is complete.

IMG 1407

A follower requested I post a picture of the puzzle once I finished it.

What I got out of it:

Big hair,  bad fashion, really bad.  Makes me feel better when I see my own pictures from the 80’s.

IMG 1409

Women are still trying to get into the White House.  It’s a bit ironic to see Geraldine Ferraro underneath Indira Ghandi, who became Prime Minister of India well before the United States could even fathom a woman in the oval office.  Maybe it will happen this year.

Then there’s Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.  Working together in the 80’s.

IMG 1411

They could teach Putin and Obama a few things.

Then there are those who just don’t want to grow up and still crave attention.IMG 1414

Tom hangs on to  moving airplanes and Madonna is still writhing around on the floor reminding us that she really likes sex.

We know, we know.

This still hurts.


Miss you, John.

At age 13 or 14, nothing came between Brooke Shields and her Calvin Kleins.

IMG 1412

Call me old or old-fashioned, but I think it is indecent to portray a teenage girl as a sex symbol,

I’ll admit, I never liked your mustache, Magnum P.I, nor do I agree with some of your political stands,  but you age well, Tom Selleck.

IMG 1410

That’s Joe Montana below Tom.

He was the coolest.