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Solar Eclipse 2017

This is what happened when I aimed a colander toward the sun during today’s total eclipse across America.

Baby crescent moons!

I took this picture with my iPhone 7. Using my solar eclipse glasses as a shield for my phone lens, I was able to capture the eclipse as I saw it through my glasses.

Today was so cool.

I think I’m hooked on eclipses now.

Texas 2024. On my eclipse calendar now.

Crustaceans in Cary?

I’ve seen all kinds of critters on my morning walks here in Cary, North Carolina, but this is a first. 

That’s right. Some form of crustacean. Is it a crayfish, a little lobster?   How did it get here?  Cary is at least two hours from the sea. And yet,  on a rainy Tuesday morning, here he is, just walking down the sidewalk in the suburbs.  ūüė≥

My friend’s dog was equally curious.  She cautiously approached only to be greeted by a most definite warrior, ready to do battle. 

Not so fast!  

We took our cue and kept on walking.

Curious though. 

Where did you come from little fella?  Good luck to you little lobster. At least it’s raining today.  


The Giving Trees

They’ve built another beautiful greenway in my lovely town of Cary. ¬† If there’s one thing I love about my town, it’s all the walking paths.


There’s such ¬†a distinct line between civilization and nature. ¬† ¬†One side is so very light. The other, dark and mysterious.


A flimsy orange plastic netting and one sign are all that stands between them.  Beyond that orange line remains a beauty that cannot be manufactured or replicated.  It most definitely needs more protection.  That sign is kind of like that nighttime security guard, who is not prepared for any real threat.

I feel crappy when I see the loss of nature.   And guilty.  After all, I own a piece of what was just built down the street.  What was a dense forest is now a sprawling town home community.

I try to think positively about all of the continuous changes to¬†my town though. ¬†We have tons of walking trails, parks, greenways, and beautiful landscaping throughout. ¬†More than any other place I’ve ever lived. ¬†I get why people move here. ¬†It’s beautiful, great weather, standard of living, schools…same reason I’m here.

But sometimes, the constant destruction of ¬†ecosystems in the name of progress feels wrong. There’s just so much gone now.

Just around the corner lies another sign.

Upside down and defeated.

IMG_8882There’s only one tree stump left. ¬†A symbol or a scar of what was. ¬† Naturally, my mind goes right to Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”. ¬†That tree sacrificed all in the name of love. ¬†And it always made me a little frustrated.

“Don’t cut off your limbs,” I felt like shouting to that loving tree. ¬†“The man¬†will be ok!”

A short distance from the tree stump, lies a reminder of who came and conquered.  IMG_8894









The Heat Is On

Find shade where you can today. It’s going to be a scorcher.


Stop and Drop at Target


Target just got smarter. ¬†When did they¬†start staging beyond outdoor furniture in the¬†gardening section? ¬† At least that’s what’s going on at this Target in Morrisville.

In between¬†Aisle C31 and C19, there’s a staged living space. ¬† It sort of caught me off guard. But not enough to sit down on the sofa.

IMG_7250Nice job, Target.¬†You didn’t even miss the¬†overhead lighting. ¬† I have no doubt these pieces are probably outselling other items in the store. ¬†Customers like it when they get a little boost imagining how nice it might look in their space.

From another view (Aisle C19)


Bronze, copper and brass are all the rage ¬†right now. ¬†Spotted these $50 table lamps. ¬†Me likey.¬†IMG_7247¬†I spent an hour aimlessly and loosely walking around the store. ¬†Without children. ¬†Now that’s a whole different feeling. ¬† It almost needs an identity. ¬†Target trance?

Velvet Navy Wingback ($279.99) sure would look nice with that brass table lamp, too. ¬†Even if the railheads are on the cool side. Mix and match. ¬†Then do it again. ¬†ūüôā


I’m thinking about getting this bookshelf for my garage. ¬†I’m converting it a place my kids can get creative… sew, paint, build, design.

I have a few leftover¬†pallet boards…


Couch Spotting from Highway 55

I saw the red from the corner of my eye as I was driving down the highway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s not so much about the color, but the location. ¬†It’s off of Highway 55 in Cary, NC. ¬†At the end of a dirt road next the the woods. Who thought this was a good place to dump a leather couch? ¬†What’s the story?

Actually, it’s kind of about the color, too. This red and green¬†are¬†the¬†¬†perfect example of how complementary colors play off ¬†each other. ¬† Each shine in their own right. They bring out the best in each other without competing or diminishing the other. each other.

Like a good couple should.

It’s been over a year since since I last¬†saw¬†¬†that chair in the woods. That lush corner of tall pines is no more. ¬†Kind of miss it.

Town homes are going up.

Hard to know how long the couch will stay.  Eventually, this land will morph into something else.  People keep coming and the land keeps on changing.

I predict another shopping center.