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Pansies and Snow

They may feel or look delicate, but it takes a strong will to withstand a winter storm.


If they could talk, they should say something like: “We’d like to see you spend your weekend out here, in the frigid ground,  having ice, snow and blustery cold winds whip you around and around.”  It’s not a walk in the park, people!”

Got to give those pansies some credit.  They are tough!

But, as in life, not all who fight the brave battle, survive.


The cycle of life is anyone’s guess.

Rest in peace, fallen comrade. ❤

Push Through

Even tufts of dead grass and a old leaf still leave their mark. IMG 9035

Resiliency at its best.

IMG 9036

And watch out for the daggers.  Nasty little buggers.





Not A Good Sign

It was so windy and cold last night. I am not complaining because I do not live in Massachusetts, but when I stepped out onto my terrace this morning, this was waiting for me.IMG_8963

Amazingly, nothing was broken. Except my heart. Okay I’m kidding my heart did not break. However, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and this cannot be a good sign.

From another perspective, they look a little somber.  Almost like a casket.  IMG_8964Sorry.  That’s kind of a creepy thing for me to say, but there’s definitely something cold and final about this angle.

On a brighter note, that vase is fantastic.  Not a crack in sight.

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Spread love. ❤



Frigid temperatures are no good for ceramic vases holding old water from an old flower, but inside the vase, there is no indication of chaos.

Just a perfectly round, frozen piece of ice. IMG 8616

It was too much for the vase though.

IMG 8615

Now I have a good excuse to return to IKEA.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that Patrone not only makes superior tequila, but their bottles are made to endure the unexpected.

IMG 8613

They make a lovely vase, too.

IMG 8614