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After The Rain

With all the negativity in the news these days I thought I would create something that speaks to beauty and love.  And it is almost spring.  A time to celebrate renewal and color!

I shot most of this video while walking my dogs around the neighborhood…it’s where I get lots of inspiration for color schemes!   The spanish moss shot is from a recent trip to Savannah, and that soft, white, fluffy rug is from Home Goods.  Honest Stephielou.

The short video is a twist on one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies this year, La La Land.  Hope it inspires you to see the beauty around you.


Brown, Gold, Blue & Green Color Palette

Notice the neutral background?  It makes it possible for the rest of the colors to do their job and work together.

It’s earthy and pretty.

I found this Mohawk runner at Home Goods.  They didn’t have a ton of selections at the Beavercreek store in Apex, NC, but I did a little research and found a bunch of great selections at overstock.com. Free shipping for orders over $45.  I’m  no spokesperson for either company.  Just a girl who likes to share.

There are plenty of runners available for under $40. It is an easy, affordable update to your space.

I put this one in my hallway.

No rug mat necessary. It stays put!


Teenage Bedroom Makeover

I made a deal with my teenage daughter before dropping her off at camp last week. I would redesign her bedroom based on her request for a late 60’s, slightly bohemian, feminine room.  She would to give me the artistic freedom to carry it out.   It was matter of trust.

I didn’t mention anything to her all week in my emails.  Our promise was simply a conversation.  I had a feeling she had forgotten about it, but I knew it was the perfect time to make it happen.  There would be nothing better than coming home from camp, a bit sad from saying goodbye to new friends, and finding out your room has turned into the room you’ve wanted all year.   Next month, Haleigh will be a high school freshman.  She’s entering a new world.  Now, more than ever, her room will be a place she’ll seek out as a sanctuary.  It should feel like her place to plop and let the world go.  A place to create, think and rest.

If I were a teenage girl, looking for a late 60’s, bohemian bedroom, what would I want to see in my room?  I know I would want my room to feel like it belonged to me.

In November, we painted Haleigh’s room pale pink.  She wanted a vintage feel then, too.

IMG 0271
Wall color: Morristown Cream, Benjamin Moore Ceiling: Quiet Moments, BM

It was nice, but it looked like it belonged in a bed and breakfast more than a teenage girl’s room.

This is sweet, but young.  My girl is sophisticated, fun and creative.  This room is snoozy.

IMG 0274

So the next day, I went shopping.   First, around the house.  I always shop at home first.  Golden rule.  We buy things we love, but often lack the eye for the right place for new stuff.  I found a few things.

When I saw this storage container (now her new laundry hamper) at Home Goods, I knew it was piece that would tie everything else together.

IMG 8279

Something about it screamed Beach Boys and summer in the 60’s.  It didn’t take long before everything else fell into place and the cart filled up.

IMG 8270

Go shopping with an open mind, but it really helps to nail down that inspiration piece first because it allows the whole process to be a fun scavenger hunt.  You know what you’re looking for now.  Or other things catch your eye now that you have a clearer vision of your future design.

I never planned to buy an inspirational plaque, but this caught my eye, along with the storage bins.  And teenagers can always use a little inspiration.

IMG 8273

It was time to throw up the toddler hangers.  Sad, but true. I liked these hangars at Five Below for her room.

IMG 8274

I found these sheer curtains at Home Goods.  They would replace the closet doors and give the room that bohemian feel Haleigh wants.

IMG 8275

My favorite find: a $2.99 roll of wrapping paper that I’ll use in the closet.  Yes, wrapping paper.

IMG 8305

With a few glue dots, I would transform the back of her closet into that feminine, bohemian feel she wanted.

IMG 8324

I put about 50 on the wall.

Here’s what her closet looked like before the change. I already emptied out half of her stuff before I took this picture.

IMG 8264

It explains how she’s always managed to  clean her room so quickly.  Her closet was a dumping ground.

IMG 8265

I really like the change.

IMG 8383

I stuck the wrapping paper (carefully, like a surgeon) on the back of the closet wall.

IMG 8338

When I saw this piece at Home Goods, I knew I’d find a place for it.  It was $12.99, metal and cheerful.

IMG 8278

The flowers won me over.  Perfect for her room.

Here’s another view.  I plucked the round, hand-painted box from my office.

IMG 8277

I found the perfect place for it.

IMG 8299

I also purchased a strong metal container for all of those high school textbooks she’ll be bringing home.  I hope.

IMG 8302

Zoë found this rug at Home Goods.  It was the right size, color, texture and price!

IMG 8415

One can never have enough pillows.  Found these four small ones at Five Below and the big, SOFT, pale green one at Home Goods.

IMG 8294

We (my husband) had a  Marilyn Monroe framed photograph from his single days.  Haleigh liked it, so I hung it in the middle of the room, between her two windows.

IMG 8400

I love black and white against pale pink.

Next, it was time to figure out the bed.  Haleigh was very clear about this.  She wanted curtains to flow behind and beside the bed with lights.

Her vision has become reality!

IMG 8404

I love the orange light.  Picked it up at IKEA, too.  Totally groovy, glowy vibe.   I’ll be looking for a mirror to reflect that orange light my next thrift store/garage sale outing.

IMG 8401

Every teenage girl needs a reading area.  Ok, even a place to text. Reality check.   All she really had before was her bed.  So I changed that.

I cleaned up the bookshelf first.  It was too busy and needed a fresh coat of white paint.

IMG 8316

IMG 8321

That’s  a little brighter.  I did the same thing to her bed, dresser, desk and shelf.

IMG 8320

IMG 8398

IMG 8348

The chair is a bit tattered.  Truly, a vintage piece.  From the 40’s though.

So, what did she think?

IMG 8406

IMG 8413

I think she likes it!  I know she likes it.  Happy daughter, happy mom.

IMG 8393

IMG 8382

Final look.

IMG 8392

What do you think?  Did we get the bohemian, vintage thing down?