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“Don’t Believe the Hype”

You’d have to eat a lot of flame-broiled burgers to save $130.


Always read the fineprint:

“Saving based on “recommended” pricing.”     What was the price?  $12 a burger?

Who’s doing the recommending?  Your king?

Just looking out for the masses.  🙂



Don Draper Needed

While strolling through San Francisco’s Chinatown earlier this summer, I noticed this lovely mannequin.   She’s missing a torso and her head is on backwards, but she’s still able to promote a sale on jeans.  I’m  not exactly sure how much they cost.

IMG 0519

Those little stick figures next to the $10 are throwing me off.   If you can buy two for $15, then what’s up with the $10 and the two stick figures?  Share a pair with a friend?

Don Draper would know what to do.

Anything But Bland

They could be the best landscapers in the world, but the name is not helping.

IMG 4096

Perhaps it’s a family name, and I get that, but who says you have to use bland and landscaping together?