Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer Works for Me!

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I’ve found my drugstore lotion.  I’ve loved Aveeno and many others, but I’m committing myself to only one brand now:  Jergens Ultra Healing.  My skin never fares well in winter.  Until now.  The big test?  My arms.  Come winter, they practically feel like sandpaper.  Even in mild North Carolina.  I ran out and bought a bottle after reading  Real Simple magazine’s January 2013 issue.

I’ve been testing it out for two weeks and my arms are the softest they’ve ever been.  I’m talking EVER.  It’s a keeper. I tend to apply this general principle in life:  “If it works, don’t fix it.”

Real Simple always tests several brands, but Jergens won “longest lasting”.   Just $7 at the drugstore for the 26.5 oz. bottle.  25% more lotion than the normal 21 oz. bottle for Jergens Daily Moisture.

Here’s a look at Real Simple’s contenders.  You may want to check these out, too. 5094

Notice this Jergens pictured is different than the bottle I bought.  I went for the whole Ultra Healing with extra dry skin moisturizer.  It has Vitamins C, E and B5.  I have no idea what B5 does, but anytime I see a bunch of vitamins listed, it makes me think I’m doing something good for this aging body.

Another change and not an easy one for me since I prefer hot showers:  taking a quick (3-5 minutes), lukewarm shower.  It’s not as difficult as I thought.  I start out with hotter water, but I adjust the nozzle after a minute.  Using hot water dries out your skin.

Look for “DID it WORK”  posts each Tuesday and Thursday on my blog.  I’m enjoying this.  Hope you are, too!


Just In Case You Ever Doubted…

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Color Consulting through Skype

My mother is restoring her 1860 home in Augusta, Maine.  She’s struggling over the bathroom.  “The tiles are all wrong.  I hate my bathroom, ” she says.  The thing is, there’s dust all over them,  the walls aren’t painted yet, and only the shower is installed.   In other words, “Hold on Sally!”  Wait!    I got that wrong, didn’t I?  I mess up like that.  You should know.  It’s going to happen again.  How about “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater?”  Another Gramma quote.  She had plenty of good ones.

Anyway, I manage to calm my mother down through Skype.  Yay for Skype! I  show her some color swatches from  Benjamin Moore fan decks, take a few pictures of  my powder room from my iPhone, since she asks, and it suddenly dawns on me that I can consult over Skype.  It really helped my Mom!

Here’s what the powder room  looked like right BEFORE we moved in.

919 Alden Bridge Drive 029

Not bad.  I like the wainscoating, but the room is dull. For the record, I did not pick this Builder Beige. Clearly, a builder chose it.

Here’s what the powder room looks like today:

IMG 5087

Small spaces like a powder room can manage darker, more saturated color.  The wall paint is “Mohegan Sage” from Benjamin Moore.  All the trim and wainscoating is “Linen White, also from Ben Moore.  It’s a little creamier and more sophisticated than the bright white those builders use.

 Here’s a look at the wall, molding and ceiling.

IMG 5093

Okay, a little hard to see the hand painted floral design on the shades, but this is the only light source in an otherwise dark room.  The Builder Beige is still on the ceiling.  I like the warmth of it up there. I also replaced the faucet (from Lowe’s).

IMG_5091 I found a flea market basket for that essential bathroom reading and spotted this  cozy, hand-knotted oval rug at a garage sale and grabbed it for $5.   Looks like I need more hand soap.  It’s that foamy Method soap from Target.  The kids actually use it. 

Powder RoomIt was fun to Skype and help my Mom.  Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes.   


“In spite of il…

“In spite of illness, in spite even of the archenemy sorrow, one can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things, and happy in small ways. ”

Edith Wharton, A Backward Glance

Sundays are for rest or reflection. Even for StephieLou. I’ll be posting some of my favorite quotes each Sunday.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


The Lego Engineer’s Latest Build

It arrived yesterday. It was built yesterday. He saved his money, did extra chores and made it happen.

Before and After Pictures of a Cary, NC Residence

Here’s a peek inside a very nice client’s home.

She was gracious enough to let me take these before and after pictures.  It may be hard to distinguish the difference in some of the colors due to lighting, etc, but the overall effect is a seamless transition from one space to another.  That’s often a challenge in these newer homes where the open floorplan is very common.

I love Benjamin Moore paints.  You will see the the names of each paint color in the “AFTER” photographs.  Even the ceilings. 🙂

Let me know your thoughts!


Lemon Flower

Lemon Flower

"Color your world."

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