“Helloooooo, Tooth Fairy!”


Hank’s last words before going to sleep tonight: ” $11.99. That’s how much I should ask for my tooth from the Tooth Fairy.”
I ask him why $11.99.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” he says.
“What about it?” I ask.
“I don’t have Book Seven.”

I asked him a ridiculous question.
“Promise me you will always be my little boy.”

I didn’t like asking it, but it was only a few weeks ago when his first top tooth fell out. My baby boy is not a baby anymore.

When he showed me his big, bloodied, gaping hole in the middle of his mouth, I winced and felt a sudden loss. He’s changing and growing, and he won’t be my baby boy forever.

I was sure Hank was going to roll his eyes at me and remind me how impossible it was to promise things like that.

“Of course I will. It’s impossible to not be your baby boy,” he says.



ON and OFF the shelf from Target




saw these sheets, I knew they belonged in my daughter’s room.  They are very soft and work well with a vintage theme.  She’s just happy her bed is made.


Look carefully. See the heart surrounded by rays?

I broke down and bought one for Valentine’s Day.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Love Target.

And I repeat: $1.79

Emerald is definitely growing on me. Find these at Target.

“Rescue me!”

Rejection in the Odyssey

Rejected on a Saturday afternoon in my Honda Odyssey

“Eeew.” That’s the response from my 13-year old daughter after I THOUGHTFULLY try to pass a copy of this Cary Parks and Recreational program guide to her in the car. I should have seen that one coming. Sitting next to her at this afternoon’s basketball is no less thrilling. I am asked to stop cheering for her sister because I am embarrassing her. I”ll admit I’m a little enthusiastic, but nothing more.

Ever the perky mother who can take a slamming by her every so confident brood, I resume singing “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.” Hank shouts: “Stop singing, you Thundering Typhoon!”

Where is my sweet 11 year- old daughter in all this? She chimes in: “What do you expect when you can’t sing?”

Well, there’s one thing I CAN do: cook. Only tonight is my night off.

Daddy’s cooking, kids!!

Bahahahaha! Enjoy that pasta with butter. 🙂

Emerald Green Color Palette

Nice Emerald Green Color Palette

The whole time I was dissin’ emerald in yesterday’s post, I was sitting in this chair. As soon as I stood up, I looked down and cracked up.

What’s in? What’s out?: Personal touches with color, texture – Home/Garden – NewsObserver.com

What’s in? What’s out?: Personal touches with color, texture – Home/Garden – NewsObserver.com.

Last week’s News & Observer blurb where I talk about, you guessed it…EMERALD.  Scroll down to find my two cents.  If you like.

"Color your world."

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