Look carefully. See the heart surrounded by rays?

I broke down and bought one for Valentine’s Day.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Love Target.

And I repeat: $1.79

Emerald is definitely growing on me. Find these at Target.

“Rescue me!”

Rejection in the Odyssey

Rejected on a Saturday afternoon in my Honda Odyssey

“Eeew.” That’s the response from my 13-year old daughter after I THOUGHTFULLY try to pass a copy of this Cary Parks and Recreational program guide to her in the car. I should have seen that one coming. Sitting next to her at this afternoon’s basketball is no less thrilling. I am asked to stop cheering for her sister because I am embarrassing her. I”ll admit I’m a little enthusiastic, but nothing more.

Ever the perky mother who can take a slamming by her every so confident brood, I resume singing “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.” Hank shouts: “Stop singing, you Thundering Typhoon!”

Where is my sweet 11 year- old daughter in all this? She chimes in: “What do you expect when you can’t sing?”

Well, there’s one thing I CAN do: cook. Only tonight is my night off.

Daddy’s cooking, kids!!

Bahahahaha! Enjoy that pasta with butter. 🙂

Emerald Green Color Palette

Nice Emerald Green Color Palette

The whole time I was dissin’ emerald in yesterday’s post, I was sitting in this chair. As soon as I stood up, I looked down and cracked up.

What’s in? What’s out?: Personal touches with color, texture – Home/Garden – NewsObserver.com

What’s in? What’s out?: Personal touches with color, texture – Home/Garden – NewsObserver.com.

Last week’s News & Observer blurb where I talk about, you guessed it…EMERALD.  Scroll down to find my two cents.  If you like.

The Color of the Year, continued.

Gachala Emerald
Gachala Emerald (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
And the winner is….Emerald?

I know it’s only January 3rd, but I’m not seeing a whole lotta Emerald green out there. I was the only one wearing green eyeshadow at the New Year’s Eve party, people.

Upon first glimpse of this swatch,  I wasn’t exactly won over by Pantone’s pick.  I don’t  know Emerald green is so close to Forest Green and I’ve grown to really dislike that color.  Back in the 90’s I was really into these Ralph Lauren forest green towels, but honestly, this color hasn’t been in my radar since then. Not sure it’s going to be the big hit Tangerine Tango was last year (and still is).

But hey, things could change and suddenly everyone’s wearing emerald dresses. My friend Kelly, who keeps up with fashion better than anyone I’ve ever seen wore an Emerald dress at our friend’s baby shower in OCTOBER. She’s on it! But other than that, where are you, Emerald people?

I just looked at it again. I keep thinking vintage. Great vintage color.  It would be beautiful with a pale gray, cream and pink…hmmm.

So now the question is, why did Pantone choose Emerald? I did a little research and I get it now. In fact, I really like the message behind their choice. Remember, color does create a feeling. If you walk into bright yellow room, you are going to notice and react to it. Trust me. You may not think about it. Just happens. So with that in mind, what does emerald green do for you? Bling! That’s where I go. LOVE emerald jewelry. It makes me feel radiant, sophisticated.

That’s exactly the idea behind Pantone’s choice. In her press release issued December 6, 2012 Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® describes emerald as “this luminous, magnificent hue that has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”

Well, go on with yourself, Pantone. I’m all for healing and unity.  Heck, we could all use some healing.  It’s been a rough few months in America.

Grab some green eyeshadow, paint a bookshelf or go out any buy some emeralds.  You might just be surprised at how color does make a difference.

Oooh, La La! Reclaimed French Hexagonal Tiles

I was reading a book just a few minutes ago when along came this passage:

The flooring of the rooms overlooking the courtyard was of red tile, those antique hexagonal tiles which in old Paris hotels are used to cover the stairs and landings above the second story.”

Naturally,  being the little design detective, I immediately stop and google antique french hexagonal tiles.


Imagine walking across your kitchen floor feeling these cool tiles under your feet.

I can see why they’re hot this year.  Or any year.  Check out these reclaimed tiles near the middle and bottom of Houzz’s webpage.

Tile is definitely something to consider for a foyer, kitchen or bathroom.  If I were to pick a paint color for the walls, I’d go with a creamy yellow like Farrow and Ball’s “Hay, on this ceiling:

or “Straw“, also from Farrow & Ball.

I feel like picking up a classic novel and having a cup of tea when I look at this picture.



"Color your world."

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