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Pansies and Snow

They may feel or look delicate, but it takes a strong will to withstand a winter storm.


If they could talk, they should say something like: “We’d like to see you spend your weekend out here, in the frigid ground,  having ice, snow and blustery cold winds whip you around and around.”  It’s not a walk in the park, people!”

Got to give those pansies some credit.  They are tough!

But, as in life, not all who fight the brave battle, survive.


The cycle of life is anyone’s guess.

Rest in peace, fallen comrade. ❤

 Kale and Snow

Friends for life.

Crustaceans in Cary?

I’ve seen all kinds of critters on my morning walks here in Cary, North Carolina, but this is a first. 

That’s right. Some form of crustacean. Is it a crayfish, a little lobster?   How did it get here?  Cary is at least two hours from the sea. And yet,  on a rainy Tuesday morning, here he is, just walking down the sidewalk in the suburbs.  😳

My friend’s dog was equally curious.  She cautiously approached only to be greeted by a most definite warrior, ready to do battle. 

Not so fast!  

We took our cue and kept on walking.

Curious though. 

Where did you come from little fella?  Good luck to you little lobster. At least it’s raining today.  



Nobody decorated this.  

It’s just nature’s way of recognizing Christmas is around the corner. 

 I’m not exactly sure this is mistletoe. 

Just like it.  😬


I’ve had this cheese grater for 20 years, but this is the first time I’ve seen it smile.  

My Ten Favorite Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

Are you banging your head against the wall trying to pick out a paint color?

I’ve got an early Christmas present for you.  I’m sharing the article I wrote for a local magazine, Triangle Style.  They recently celebrated their tenth anniversary issue and asked me to share my ten favorites.

That’s hard to do, but these ten paints rock.  Throughout the years, these ten make the mark.   My clients tend to love them, too.   Click here to read the article. It begins on page 56.  Color swatches included. 🙂

The magazine is beautiful and full of great articles, photographs and  ads from some very cool local businesses. It’s out on the newsstands now.  Pick up a copy before they are gone!  They go fast…

Merry Christmas!


Beautiful Snowman

Further proof that kids are way cooler than adults.

Best hands ever.