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Purple Majesty

I’ve been waiting for this moment for two years.


They were not open this morning, but as I pulled into the driveway about an hour ago, I could see that brilliant purple.

Awe.  Like first time you see that fledgling sprout push its way through the soil.

In fact,  I gasped.

Beautiful purple irises.

I wish I could tell you their specific name, but I have no clue.

They are majestic no matter what their official name may be.

“You Don’t Say!”

If this tree could talk…

Sunflower, Part IV.

After labor, comes nursing.

Sunflower, Part III

Welcome to the world, sunflower. Your labor is over. Enjoy the sunshine. 

Sunflower, Part II

The next day…


One sunflower seed… 60 days later.

“Ssshhh…Nobody will notice.”

They are real ducks. Just a little suburbanized.