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Sky Blanket

There’s a blanket in the sky.  At the bottom lies the sun ready to rise and shine.

Solar Eclipse 2017

This is what happened when I aimed a colander toward the sun during today’s total eclipse across America.

Baby crescent moons!

I took this picture with my iPhone 7. Using my solar eclipse glasses as a shield for my phone lens, I was able to capture the eclipse as I saw it through my glasses.

Today was so cool.

I think I’m hooked on eclipses now.

Texas 2024. On my eclipse calendar now.

Happy Saturday

Good Morning

No filter. 

What you see is what you get. 

Happy Friday!

Look Again

This is a familiar site in my town.  And I don’t live in Arizona or Colorado.IMG 4359This is Cary, North Carolina: lots of clay and deep blue skies.


And home to many bulldozers.giant-development-tractor.jpg

Upon first glance, it looks like a mountain.  I’ve never been to Mount Rushmore, but I think there’s a strangle resemblance.

Here is Mount Rushmore:mount-rushmore-today1

And here is Cary Mountain: IMG 4358Instead of rock (and presidents), we have clay.  Seems almost as tough.

It’s been clawed by a giant bulldozers, yet it stands tall and proud.IMG 4357One day soon, this hill will be gone and a road will appear.

One claw at a time.IMG_4353



Not all cloudy skies are dreary.

IMG 1500

When you haven’t seen a blue sky in a couple weeks, and then you wake up to the most amazing display of deep blue, crisp white clouds and a big ball of sunshine, gratitude for such beauty dominates your soul.

IMG 1507

Especially when you’re stuck in carpool.

IMG 1510

And you make the three separate trips to three separate schools.

IMG 1516

Baby In The Middle