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Injured Hope

It fell off the top of my lockers. I am not optimistic about its recovery, but one must never give up on hope. Without it, we have no chance.

A clean break.

Calls for silver glitter glue.

Glitter captures light and shares it with the world.

The crack stays.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

-Leonard Cohen


The Giving Trees

They’ve built another beautiful greenway in my lovely town of Cary.   If there’s one thing I love about my town, it’s all the walking paths.


There’s such  a distinct line between civilization and nature.    One side is so very light. The other, dark and mysterious.


A flimsy orange plastic netting and one sign are all that stands between them.  Beyond that orange line remains a beauty that cannot be manufactured or replicated.  It most definitely needs more protection.  That sign is kind of like that nighttime security guard, who is not prepared for any real threat.

I feel crappy when I see the loss of nature.   And guilty.  After all, I own a piece of what was just built down the street.  What was a dense forest is now a sprawling town home community.

I try to think positively about all of the continuous changes to my town though.  We have tons of walking trails, parks, greenways, and beautiful landscaping throughout.  More than any other place I’ve ever lived.  I get why people move here.  It’s beautiful, great weather, standard of living, schools…same reason I’m here.

But sometimes, the constant destruction of  ecosystems in the name of progress feels wrong. There’s just so much gone now.

Just around the corner lies another sign.

Upside down and defeated.

IMG_8882There’s only one tree stump left.  A symbol or a scar of what was.   Naturally, my mind goes right to Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”.  That tree sacrificed all in the name of love.  And it always made me a little frustrated.

“Don’t cut off your limbs,” I felt like shouting to that loving tree.  “The man will be ok!”

A short distance from the tree stump, lies a reminder of who came and conquered.  IMG_8894









Mind the Sign!

It is a beautiful door.  Yellow against gray.  Yes.  Energy and the subdued collide in perfect harmony.

IMG 1065

But wait. Back to that sign.

“Houston, we have a problem…”

IMG 1064

It isn’t mine.  I did a little digging.  The car belongs to the owner of the sign.

Somehow, we all just sort of knew that, didn’t we?

A Toilet, Free Veggies, Giant Hay Bales and The Blob

The daily drive to Wake Forest continues all week.  Thanks to traffic congestion, I’ve had the opportunity to check out the sites on the sides of the road.

Look closely. It’s a lovely house beyond the gate. It has a spacious lawn, long driveway, even a gate at the entrance.  And on each side of the driveway and brick pillars…toilets.  Repurposed as planters.

Need to use the bathroom? How about some free veggies? I need to meet the homeowner/s.

Love it or hate it, one must give credit to whomever imagined using  toilets repurposed as planters AT THE ENTRANCE of a lovely home.  I bet they do a fine job and growing plants.  A little manure…ok, I will not go there.  Maybe I should stop by tomorrow and meet the owner/s.  How kind of them to offer free veggies to the public.  Those are some nice zucchinis.

And now, an update on the bales of hay:  They moved.IMG_0712I assume there’s some special machine that lines them up, but it would be fun to push one of those hay bales.  It could be a great activity until someone gets crushed by one.  That’s the mom in me.  Can you imagine?  “Look out!  There’s a hay bale on the loose!”   Brings up memories of “The Blob.”  That movie terrified me. I had dreams for years about a massive pea rolling down a street after me.   The special effects alone…

Here’s a preview.  Watch the whole thing, if you can.  You’ll have to trust me.  It’s worth it. Steve McQueen’s first movie role.

How fun would it be to see this movie at a drive-in movie theater this summer?

Waste Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Just in case you were thinking about bringing a dead animal to the dump, think again.

IMG 0706

I expect see many things on this list, but dead animals are not one of them.

For that matter, neither are sludges, white goods (what are they?), or radioactive waste.  Wake County has covered any and all possibilities.

Well, actually, they could’ve added “dead bodies”, but maybe that’s actually be a little obvious to all of us.

IMG 0708

Signs Matter

An actual sign on a door in San Francisco.IMG 0547

I’m incorrigible.