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It’s 18 degrees outside, but nothing is stopping me from breaking down the lights and calling the holiday season.   There is a point at which a mere glance at ANY decoration still standing makes me itchy.  Metaphorically speaking.

I love Christmas and all the beauty it brings, but seriously.   Suddenly, those piles of extra things, half opened boxes, books, shoes lying around the house are my worst enemy.

And I just want my mantle back.  Clean, almost bare.   It’s the whole New Year thing.   A fresh start.  Nothing excluded.

I’m like a maniac, leaving no stone unturned.   Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Yes, yes and yes!

It’s going to be bone-chilling cold for the next 7 days in North Carolina.  That means we will not see 40 degrees AT ALL.   That’s what those newscasters are telling us.  MIGHT get snow, so our lovelies are being released early from school today.  They’ll be here in less than two hours.   Can’t waste it.   I’m heading to the living room, wiping down my mantle, pouring myself a cup of tea and sitting my tush on the couch with a book for the next hour.   And maybe I’ll grab a 20 minute nap before the first one says “I’m hungry.”

Word, Meryl.



She’s Crafty

IMG 5063I need to relax. Tony Schwartz‘s opinion in last weekend’s New York Times,  “Relax! You’ll Be More Productive” has me thinking.  His main point is that relaxation is vital to our success in all walks of life. What I find most interesting and spot on is his opinion that we move from energized to enervated in 90 minutes.  However, rarely do we listen to our bodies.  Instead, we grab something to drink or do and keep pushing.  At least I do.   I’m not programmed to relax.  I love it when I do,  but my mind has convinced my body that it has to move and stay busy.  So I tend to stay busy.

Lately, however, I’ve begun to mix in some power naps in the afternoon just before my children come home from school.   Clearly, the days in which I do not nap are not my best days.  I’m more tired, edgy, unproductive and even a little clumsy.  Now that I’m hearing about all of these studies linking sleep, relaxation and even vacations to a more productive, healthier life, I’m on board.

That’s partially why I started a blog.  It’s a great way for me to prioritize time for writing and getting a little crafty.  Not because I’m actually crafty.  I’m not.  But I think getting crafty relaxes me AND accomplishes something.  I wear those barrettes I made.  I enjoy making them.  I have to slow down and glue stuff.  It’s kind of like gardening to me.  I’m just glad to hear it’s so necessary.

I find the older I get, the more I deliberate over my priorities. Too much time is wasted on meaningless stuff and worry.  And there’s always more.

So without further adieu, I’m going to get crafty now and make some Valentine’s Day cards for my children.  I post the process later today.  IF I get a nap in first!

IMG 5069

For those crafty women out there, check out this this video beneath this lovely lady.  It’s three women rapping to “She Crafty” from the Beastie Boys.  Not to be missed.

Also, for some really valuable information on the benefits of power naps, check out this great post from Helen Sanders of Health Ambition.  Some great tips here!