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Intelligent Design

I’ve never seen a cocoon like this.  Hats off to the architect/builder for using little sticks in the design.

And it’s on there.  I don’t know what that white stuff is (weblike material), but it’s firmly attached to my stool.

Does anyone know its origins?  Spider?  Wasp home?   Whatever it is, I’m impressed by such a resourceful designer.

We could learn from these little members of our planet.

Update to post: Just added this picture. Even more detail. 🤓

Wooden Horse

This is the most beautiful wooden horse I never imagined.It sits outside of my nieces and nephew’s preschool class in Chicago.  

Red painted pieces of frames and an aluminum mane.  

The art does not stop there.  Check out this whimsical entrance to the school. 

Pallet Board Makeover

I liked my recessed built-ins flanking the fireplace,  but the brown walls were not winning me over. IMG_6423

There was nothing wrong with them.  Just missing a little personality.

I thought about painting them.   That would be nice, but not quite the home run I was looking for.   Then it hit me.  That collection of wooden pallet boards gathering dust in my garage could possibly create the warmth I was seeking.   IMG_6408

Instead of attempting a big wall, I thought I’d start with two small ones flanking my fireplace.  I knew I had enough wood.

First thing I did was clean them and look for any stamps.  I found out that some boards are not suitable for indoor use.  They are sprayed with chemicals to keep the bugs away.  It’s easy to find out which labels are good and bad, thanks to the internet.    This one is good.


This next one is questionable.


After you clean them, you need to saw through the nails so you can remove the boards from the plank.   It takes about five minutes.


I like that no two boards are the same.  The walls look aged and have lots of character that way.


Time to sand. The boards need to be a little smoother  and free of debris. Juan Jimenez, a.k.a “Dr. Drywall Pro” or Durham, NC did all of the work.  In a day.


Once all the pieces are sanded, they are ready for the wall.

You need to frame it first.


Then it’s just a matter of mixing up the pieces and shades of wood.


Like a puzzle, the pieces have to be an exact match.  This is why I asked Juan to do the job.  I’ll stick to design ideas.

One down…one to go. img_6458-1The first wall takes longer.  He put the second one up in under an hour.


What a difference.   The pallet walls makes my space feel warm, inviting and relaxing .  I can’t get over it.  I am now as obsessed with pallet boards as Joanna Gaines is obsessed with shiplap.

For my local friends, Juan says he enjoys creating these walls…  🙂

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His and Her’s

I have to admit, I’ve never considered a toilet as a planter at the front of my home, but when I pulled my car over to get a better look, I was more amused by the work boots.  It took me a moment.  Why the boots?

IMG 0718

And then I walked over to the other toilet and saw the women’s cowboy boots and I got it. His and Her’s toilets.  Of course.

Doesn’t look like things went so well for Cowgirl.  I think she had a rough night.IMG 0719

Someone has a terrific, albeit, a twisted sense of humor.  And then I met him.  He started walking up his long driveway with his two dogs and motioned to me to come over.  He must have been wondering why I was taking pictures of his driveway (toilet perspective).  Actually, I think my purpose there seemed rather obvious, but I’m stranger taking pictures and he needed to know why.  Moments earlier, I put my business card with a quick mention about my blog.

I walked up to him, smiling and laughing, wearing semi-pjs and a scary ponytail. He probably thought I had a few missing brain cells, but I did not expect to actually talk to a stranger that morning. Regardless of my half-strewn appearance and almost incoherent sentences (had the giggles), he seemed to recognize I was a harmless mini-van mom.  I think he liked my reason for stopping.  I know I wasn’t the first one to notice.

From another view:

IMG 0721

IMG 0720

A Toilet, Free Veggies, Giant Hay Bales and The Blob

The daily drive to Wake Forest continues all week.  Thanks to traffic congestion, I’ve had the opportunity to check out the sites on the sides of the road.

Look closely. It’s a lovely house beyond the gate. It has a spacious lawn, long driveway, even a gate at the entrance.  And on each side of the driveway and brick pillars…toilets.  Repurposed as planters.

Need to use the bathroom? How about some free veggies? I need to meet the homeowner/s.

Love it or hate it, one must give credit to whomever imagined using  toilets repurposed as planters AT THE ENTRANCE of a lovely home.  I bet they do a fine job and growing plants.  A little manure…ok, I will not go there.  Maybe I should stop by tomorrow and meet the owner/s.  How kind of them to offer free veggies to the public.  Those are some nice zucchinis.

And now, an update on the bales of hay:  They moved.IMG_0712I assume there’s some special machine that lines them up, but it would be fun to push one of those hay bales.  It could be a great activity until someone gets crushed by one.  That’s the mom in me.  Can you imagine?  “Look out!  There’s a hay bale on the loose!”   Brings up memories of “The Blob.”  That movie terrified me. I had dreams for years about a massive pea rolling down a street after me.   The special effects alone…

Here’s a preview.  Watch the whole thing, if you can.  You’ll have to trust me.  It’s worth it. Steve McQueen’s first movie role.

How fun would it be to see this movie at a drive-in movie theater this summer?


Frigid temperatures are no good for ceramic vases holding old water from an old flower, but inside the vase, there is no indication of chaos.

Just a perfectly round, frozen piece of ice. IMG 8616

It was too much for the vase though.

IMG 8615

Now I have a good excuse to return to IKEA.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that Patrone not only makes superior tequila, but their bottles are made to endure the unexpected.

IMG 8613

They make a lovely vase, too.

IMG 8614

More Than A $1 Toothbrush Holder

Bought a toothbrush holder at the new Dollar Tree store yesterday. What a personality.

I think I’ll have to turn it into a pencil holder for my office. Tranquil blue hue and a smile to amuse me.