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Hair of the Dog

He wears it well. 


Copy Cat

She watches my yoga sessions.

It’s All About Comfort

Because the blue velvet couch isn’t comfortable enough.

IMG 3323

At least I know who has been crushing my couch pillows.

IMG 3322

Turtle Dog

She wouldn’t move after I put on her turtle costume.


I will not buy my dogs any more costumes.  They do not like them.  At all.

Sorry, Ellie.

No more.  I promise.

Spoon Me!

Ellie and Cora love one another.  They are both about the same size. Not much bigger than my suede slipper.   These series of pictures were taken within five minutes.IMG 1478

It seems Cora was having difficulty finding just the right spot to spoon with Ellie.

She tossed and turned.IMG 1480

It looked like she had finally found a good spot.

IMG 1483

Until it wasn’t.   She slipped out of sight without a sound.

IMG 1487

Ellie stretched out and stayed this way for over an hour.

And Cora was not happy about it.

Walks With Cora

This is how it is every morning.  I take my dogs out for a walk.  The cat decides she’s going to follow us.  No matter where we go.  And then she goes into stealth mode.  We pretend we do not see her.

cora the calico cat.jpg
She’s so stealthy.
IMG 1425
“Ssssssh. Don’t tell the dogs. I’m about to pounce on them. Again.”
IMG 1429
Spotting the landscapers.
IMG 1421
“I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ leaf blower.”
IMG 1422
“I am Cora. Hear me roar.”

“All The World’s A Stage”

She sleeps like a little angel.  Well, she was rescued by  “Cat Angels” of Cary, NC.   IMG 1205

It’s nice to have a pet with such high self-esteem.

I love my dogs, Max and Ellie.  They just need to have a little faith I’m going to return when I leave them at home.  Every day, it’s the same thing. The barking, howling and then full-on wailing commences as soon as I walk toward the garage door.

At a fever pitch.

Pressing the garage door remote cannot come fast enough.

I’m hoping Cora can teach the dogs some relaxation techniques while I’m gone.  She doesn’even know when I leave.  Max and Ellie act they have been mortally wounded.

They should be onstage, not Cora.

My name is Max, but you can call me Batman.”
Ellie. Femme fatale.
Ellie. Femme fatale.
Cora just found out I’m running out for an errand.