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Breakfast of Champions

Never in a million years would I have thought that I could fall for a rat.

I have.

Meet Charlie.  Rat extraordinaire, Lover of Fruit Loops.

Happy 91st Birthday, Sir David Attenborough

“It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty, the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.” – Sir David Attenborough


He has inspired my 11-year old son, Hank to love this planet and all the living things that share it with us.

Thank you for again and again, Sir David, for opening up our world, and our eyes, to the glory and beauty of this amazing world.   You inspire us every day.  Inside and out.

Road Warriors

I was just hoping he didn’t hit a bump in the road.  That pile of watermelons is taller than the sides of that truck.

img_1406-1Apparently,  trucks carrying watermelons are a common site in Maryland.  How very lovely, but my mind raced  as I imagined a giant watermelon hurdling through my windshield like a meteor racing toward Earth.

I slowed down. Quickly.  And moved lanes.

I might have issues,  but stranger things have happened to me while driving.

One time a deer jumped headfirst into the third row of my minivan while I was on my way back from soccer with my son, Hank.

That’s deer fur lining the frame of what used to be my 3rd row window of my  Honda Odyssey. That blue carseat is where Hank was sitting when the  buck with massive antlers jumped through his window, barely scraping his cheeks and landing on the far side of the back seat.


I’m pretty sure the McDonald’s Happy Meal I had just ordered for Hank saved his life.  On that night he was consumed with his chicken nuggets and fries instead of wiggling around in his carseat.

He walked away with a few scrapes and cuts, mostly from the window bits.

After the firemen cleaned up up, he turned to me and asked me if he could eat the rest of his chicken nuggets and fries. I told him we would get some new ones.

We were so lucky.

So…when I see a bunch of watermelon piled up high on the back of a small truck…as quaint as it might be…I am getting out of Dodge.

No one messes with my babies on the road.


Pokemon Go Summer

It’s been a million degrees outside these past few days, but that hasn’t stopped this hunter from searching for Pokemon. However,  even hunters need a water break.


Pokemon Go has been more than just a fun quest.  We’ve been meeting people everywhere we go.  Hank loves it so much and I love watching him walk up to strangers to find out their level and team.   I think they kind of like it, too.


Anything that brings people outside and  connect strangers is all right with me.  We have met the friendliest, most enthusiastic Pokemon hunters all over Cary. We are on our way back to Bond Park in a few.  It’s a Pokemon hot spot, for sure.

I’m also really enjoying the chance to discover beautiful colors.  I’m not sure what this is, but isn’t it exquisite?


I’m trying to play the game myself, but I have no clue what I’m doing.   However,  I can carry water, get some excellent walking in there while eating up this time with my favorite guy.


King of My World

My son. 

Science Fair Hero

You gotta love elementary school science fairs.  Where else would you find a question that poses “which drink makes a plant grow faster:  Diet Pepsi, root beer or water?”

IMG 8722

And never in my wildest dreams would I think Diet Pepsi would run neck & neck with water.

What happened to root beer?
What happened to root beer?

That’s almost scary, actually.  Almost makes me never want to drink soda again.  It’s like that nail that gets dropped in a bucket of coke:  it disintegrates.  I tried it once.

But what I really like at the science fair is seeing Hank, my most adorable son, catapult pieces of red oak across the room, almost taking out the art room window.   Favorite quote of the night:  “CLEAR THE AREA!”

IMG 8717
Original thinker at work.


He didn’t get the top award, but he’s an original thinker who won the attention of a few girls and parents that night.IMG 8718

He captures mine everyday. ❤


It takes a brave boy to carry on with the business of eating a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar while the sun beats down on him.IMG 6832

But what’s a little glare on the eyes when there’s a chocolate bar in need of consumption?

If it must be done, Hank is the one.