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Hawaiian Dreamin’

Decorating or design in a home isn’t just about making things pretty. It’s about creating that space that you connect to. 

The place that makes you feel good. Peaceful. Home. 

This family in Cary North Carolina reached out to me late this summer when they decided that they were ready to bring that sense of peace they loved in Hawaii to their home in North Carolina. It’s an ongoing project, but I’m impatient and just had to share how it’s going.​  I hope you will watch and get inspired. Is there a room in your place that could use a second look? 


How To Make Your Television Almost Disappear

All it takes is a quart of paint.

What is on the wall?   It’s Kendall Charcoal, Historic Collection 166, Benjamin Moore

Fireplace? Edgecomb Gray, HC- 173, Benjamin Moore


Making the Most of Your Space

It’s hard to believe I only took one picture of my balcony, but this is it.  Only the corner.


Not exactly much to look at,  but this little nook tucked away at the end of my  l-shaped terrace had the potential to be the right space for some entertaining, rest and relaxation.

One year later…

img_8762The space was always there.  I just made better use of it.

That is  my goal is for clients. Even if it’s a hallway. When we make the most out of our space, based on what we like, it makes life  a little nicer.

It starts with a vision.  What do you like to do at home? Have you made space for it?   Who says the dining room has to be used just for eating?

Slowly, and little by little, I looked and took from other rooms in the house.

With exception to the $10 satin nickel tension rod (Walmart) and West Elm curtains (on sale, $20/panel)…I already had everything I needed from other rooms in my home.  Since I love to be outside most of the time, it made sense to create an outdoor living area.

At night, I imagine I’m sitting in my private outdoor club.  “Yes, I’ll have a cosmo, please.”   Here’s to a summer of peace and creating enjoyable space in your life. 🙂


Redesign Without Spending a dime

Well I guess you’d have to spend a dime if you hire me, but the point is you don’t need to run back to the store to create a comfortable, beautiful, functional space.  You can use what you have.  It’s just a matter of placement.

Brown, Gold, Blue & Green Color Palette

Notice the neutral background?  It makes it possible for the rest of the colors to do their job and work together.

It’s earthy and pretty.

I found this Mohawk runner at Home Goods.  They didn’t have a ton of selections at the Beavercreek store in Apex, NC, but I did a little research and found a bunch of great selections at Free shipping for orders over $45.  I’m  no spokesperson for either company.  Just a girl who likes to share.

There are plenty of runners available for under $40. It is an easy, affordable update to your space.

I put this one in my hallway.

No rug mat necessary. It stays put!


Stop and Drop at Target


Target just got smarter.  When did they start staging beyond outdoor furniture in the gardening section?   At least that’s what’s going on at this Target in Morrisville.

In between Aisle C31 and C19, there’s a staged living space.   It sort of caught me off guard. But not enough to sit down on the sofa.

IMG_7250Nice job, Target. You didn’t even miss the overhead lighting.   I have no doubt these pieces are probably outselling other items in the store.  Customers like it when they get a little boost imagining how nice it might look in their space.

From another view (Aisle C19)


Bronze, copper and brass are all the rage  right now.  Spotted these $50 table lamps.  Me likey. IMG_7247 I spent an hour aimlessly and loosely walking around the store.  Without children.  Now that’s a whole different feeling.   It almost needs an identity.  Target trance?

Velvet Navy Wingback ($279.99) sure would look nice with that brass table lamp, too.  Even if the railheads are on the cool side. Mix and match.  Then do it again.  🙂


I’m thinking about getting this bookshelf for my garage.  I’m converting it a place my kids can get creative… sew, paint, build, design.

I have a few leftover pallet boards…