Stand Up

I’m having a hard time focusing today.  My first child leaves for college in two days.  My son turns 12 in two days.  And my President makes me want to crawl into a corner and cry.   But I can’t crawl into a corner.  Or say nothing.

To watch all those white men march with those torches and surround those brave Americans around a confederate statue chanting “Jews will not replace us” or “White lives matter”  makes me sad and sick to my core. How can this be?  How can our President not speak out against that?  How can he say both sides are to blame?  How can anybody?

I can’t say nothing.  I can’t crawl into a corner.  We know the history of Nazi Germany.  We know about the history of slavery and racism in America.

This president is dangerous.  He fosters hate.   Our stock market might be climbing and our unemployment rate may be at lower than it’s been in years, but he cannot bring our country together.  It’s not even in his plan.  He thrives on division. And it will get worse before it gets better.

There is a line in the sand.  To say nothing is a stand.   Racism and religious persecution has no place in America.   Now is the time to speak out.   If you want it to stop, then speak up.   Racism has been around long before Trump arrived, but he’s given a hall pass to haters.   It’s time to put them in detention and kick his ass out of office.

Our country was born when we stood up against tyranny.   People from all walks of life stood up and fought for our freedom.   When the South decided slavery was worth fighting and dying for, we fought again and won.   When Germany thought it should rule the world (not once, but twice), we rose.   When Martin Luther King Jr. led a movement that led to Civil Rights for all, we rose.

We must rise again.  Hate has no place in America.

Maybe now, I can help my daughter pack for college.


7 thoughts on “Stand Up”

  1. Well written Stephanie….it’s hard to think we must put the President of our country out of our minds to find some balance and try to live our lives with integrity….very sad…now go pack your baby off to college and focus on these wonderful milestones as they are singular and oh so special😉

  2. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Stephanie. It is definitely time to “stand up”, speak up and fight hate, racism and bigotry. Being Americans, unites us all, no matter our race or ethnicity. We must hold each other in the light of love, compassion, kindness and what is morally right. Stay woke, but stay focused on your family and children. We cannot let this evil man some call President, change and distract us from those we love, and the things that matter. Best of luck to your beautiful, College Freshman, and continued blessings and love being sent to you and yours across the miles! xo

    1. You always have the wisest of words, Ruth! Love, compassion and kindness never grows old!!I’m already back to the laundry room and packing linens! 💪🏻😘 love to you, my sweet friend! Xoxo

  3. I hear you and agree 100%. 2 days to college drop off here too and my “young one” drove off Sunday by himself for the first time. He just got a PC parking pass. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Things at home are changing fast as my kiddos grow-up and move on to new things. Yet somehow my country is moving backwards, stuck in the past. Honestly, I am not surprised. He showed us who he was a long time ago. But this is beyond wrong. Sorry! I can’t say nothing either.

  4. Good job, Steph, and you got straight to the heart of the matter. I am not as elegant with words as you and the ladies commenting, but underlying a lot about Trump’s personality is that he doesn’t know the difference between being President of the United States and president of a corporation. I just don’t know if he will ever be reined in. He was never tested in the political arena, but keeps saying: “Look at me. I am the Preside.” like it is some kind of child’s game. We have the same type of situation in Maine with our Governor. I could feel and see General Kelly’s pain while Trump was speaking off-the-cuff. xx AK

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