Staffordshire Pottery

When I don’t know something in the design world, I write it down and look it up later.  Live and let learn.   There’s nothing like uncovering a little mystery and taking one step closer toward becoming a more informed designer.  I love it.

Today it is Staffordshire pottery.   I’ll admit, I’ve heard the name, but did not make any true association with anything other than my general English pottery vision of a porcelain tea cup.

It’s a bit more.   Check out this antique dog.  With super red lips.


And then this antique grandma mouse.


I love the antique porcelain animals.  A merry sense of humor, those English…

Staffordshire is a county and industrial area in England.  The pottery comes mostly from the county’s largest city, Stoke-on Tent, which grew out of six town in the early 20th century.

What makes their porcelain so special?  The combination of the clay, salt, lead and coal, located near the river.  Kind of a perfect storm for pottery.  Farming…not so much.  Many famous pottery names have come out of this area including  Spode, Wedgewood, Doulton and Minton.  My mother has collected Spode for years.  It’s gorgeous.


And now I know what makes it special and where it came from.

And now I know.  So do you. 🙂







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