The Giving Trees

They’ve built another beautiful greenway in my lovely town of Cary.   If there’s one thing I love about my town, it’s all the walking paths.


There’s such  a distinct line between civilization and nature.    One side is so very light. The other, dark and mysterious.


A flimsy orange plastic netting and one sign are all that stands between them.  Beyond that orange line remains a beauty that cannot be manufactured or replicated.  It most definitely needs more protection.  That sign is kind of like that nighttime security guard, who is not prepared for any real threat.

I feel crappy when I see the loss of nature.   And guilty.  After all, I own a piece of what was just built down the street.  What was a dense forest is now a sprawling town home community.

I try to think positively about all of the continuous changes to my town though.  We have tons of walking trails, parks, greenways, and beautiful landscaping throughout.  More than any other place I’ve ever lived.  I get why people move here.  It’s beautiful, great weather, standard of living, schools…same reason I’m here.

But sometimes, the constant destruction of  ecosystems in the name of progress feels wrong. There’s just so much gone now.

Just around the corner lies another sign.

Upside down and defeated.

IMG_8882There’s only one tree stump left.  A symbol or a scar of what was.   Naturally, my mind goes right to Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”.  That tree sacrificed all in the name of love.  And it always made me a little frustrated.

“Don’t cut off your limbs,” I felt like shouting to that loving tree.  “The man will be ok!”

A short distance from the tree stump, lies a reminder of who came and conquered.  IMG_8894









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