Tender Buttons

I spotted it from across the street.  I swear my jaw dropped and my mouth opened in awe. And then I impulsively, almost unwittingly moved toward the street, desperate to to get closer.  That’s what a charming building can do to me.


Tender Buttons on East 62nd street in Manhattan. Love at first sight.  IMG_7485

A magical display window.  Its warmth, color and intrigue temporarily arrest my senses. The tall, thin brick leads up to a crooked, slated roof.  Perfection.

All I know is I must go inside to see more.

I feel like I’ve just stepped into a scene from Harry Potter or something.  Deleriously happy.  Surrounded by buttons.  Just to know that there is a place dedicated to the art and history of button design, nestled among trees in one of the greatest cities in the world…well it very much sped up my heart beat.

IMG_7476Unbeknownst to me, it’s the only shop in America dedicated exclusively to the sale of buttons.  Tender Buttons.

IMG_7475On either side, the walls are adorned with collections, some historic, some whimsical, but altogether a magical tour into a world of buttons.

Some are framed.IMG_7480You can sit down to examine the buttons at this lovely table centered in the middle of the shop.IMG_7479If you’re like me, you have a collection of buttons in a tin can.  All those extra ones needed a home, and yet the collection grew beyond its need.  I’m going to take a peek.  I’ve been known to remove a few cool buttons before discarding a shirt or sweater.

Buttons are most definitely pieces of art.  The shop owner says he buys buttons.  Mostly antiques or ones that have a fantastic personality.

Like Audrey Hepburn.




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