Stop and Drop at Target


Target just got smarter.  When did they start staging beyond outdoor furniture in the gardening section?   At least that’s what’s going on at this Target in Morrisville.

In between Aisle C31 and C19, there’s a staged living space.   It sort of caught me off guard. But not enough to sit down on the sofa.

IMG_7250Nice job, Target. You didn’t even miss the overhead lighting.   I have no doubt these pieces are probably outselling other items in the store.  Customers like it when they get a little boost imagining how nice it might look in their space.

From another view (Aisle C19)


Bronze, copper and brass are all the rage  right now.  Spotted these $50 table lamps.  Me likey. IMG_7247 I spent an hour aimlessly and loosely walking around the store.  Without children.  Now that’s a whole different feeling.   It almost needs an identity.  Target trance?

Velvet Navy Wingback ($279.99) sure would look nice with that brass table lamp, too.  Even if the railheads are on the cool side. Mix and match.  Then do it again.  🙂


I’m thinking about getting this bookshelf for my garage.  I’m converting it a place my kids can get creative… sew, paint, build, design.

I have a few leftover pallet boards…


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