Couch Spotting from Highway 55

I saw the red from the corner of my eye as I was driving down the highway.

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It’s not so much about the color, but the location.  It’s off of Highway 55 in Cary, NC.  At the end of a dirt road next the the woods. Who thought this was a good place to dump a leather couch?  What’s the story?

Actually, it’s kind of about the color, too. This red and green are the  perfect example of how complementary colors play off  each other.   Each shine in their own right. They bring out the best in each other without competing or diminishing the other. each other.

Like a good couple should.

It’s been over a year since since I last saw  that chair in the woods. That lush corner of tall pines is no more.  Kind of miss it.

Town homes are going up.

Hard to know how long the couch will stay.  Eventually, this land will morph into something else.  People keep coming and the land keeps on changing.

I predict another shopping center.





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