Finding Color Palettes

Mountains are magnificent.  And our connection to them is powerful.  At least to this kiddo. 

I’m fortunate to live in the great state of North Carolina.  In just a couple of hours, I can be here:

img_5555Not sure what took me so long, but I’ve been bitten by the climbing bug. 

Here’s a section of the mountain rock at the top.  Nature’s color palette never clashes.  They inspire.  Here’s a great example.  There are so many gorgeous hues amidst this section of rock.  This very picture could easily serve as a color palette for any space.  

I tell my clients the secret to finding the right colors is simple. Pick something, anything, that captures your eye. It could be this rock. Then find ways to bring these colors together in your space. I think these colors would be perfect for a living room. 

The golden rule for color/space design: 60/30/10.   Translation: main color (walls) should cover 60% of the space. 30% is your secondary color, and 10% would be your accent color. You can decide which color represents which percentage, but typically neutral colors represent the largest percentage and bright and bold colors represent the accent color. In this case,  if I were to design a room I would use that salmon-ish color as my accent color throughout the room.   


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