Grape Nuts Bread: Still A Favorite

The crunch in each bite.  The slight hint of sweetness. And then those grape nuts.

Do you like that steak knife I used to cut through bread?   I’m not know for my patience.   That bread was getting sliced by the closest, sharpest object.

I soaked those little grape nuts for 20 minutes in buttermilk. They swelled and softened. There seemed little chance that the crunch could remain.  Those crunchy nuts are practically indestructible.

img_5479Hands down, this is my favorite bread.  It’s one of the most viewed posts from the blog, too.   I thought it deserved an honorary mention for remaining so popular.

Also, I haven’t baked it in a couple of years.  Fairly sure my children are tired of banana bread.

Baking was not on my list today, but sometimes lists need a swift kick in the butt. img_5476

Unless it’s in a recipe.

Here’s it is from Mast Store Cooks and Kitty Rominger.

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