Message of Love

Yogi Teas are giving you more than a nice cup of tea these days.   I know they are not the first to capitalize on messages to consumers, but their theme brings a whole new meaning to a soothing cup of tea.  Each time I choose one now, I’m kind of excited about the message.  Kind of like looking at a fortune cookie.

Here’s my favorite green tea at the moment.  Everything about Yogi teas makes me feel good.  Love the packaging, taste, message and variety.

Love this in the afternoon when I’m starting to drag.

And this is coming from a girl who started her day with black tea and a very generous dose of half and half and a not so generous teaspoon of sugar for the past 20 years.  I never thought I’d see the day I could be satisfied with anything else, but now I realize I just want to drink something hot in the morning.

This is what I’ve been drinking: It’s less than $2 for a box of 20.

Last month and even lingering into February, everyone in my family was hit hard with a virus.  Normally, I pick up something.  Not this round.  That has NEVER happened.  Ever.  Luckily, my good health allowed me to take care of everyone without feeling run down.  Not sure if it’s the tea, but I’m thinking this daily extra does of Vitamin C cannot hurt.

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