Puddle Revolution

It’s hanging on for dear life.

IMG 4712
Such determination.

I’m not complaining about the rain.

Yes, it’s been raining nonstop over the holidays and we’ve had flash flood warning alerts on our smartphones all week.   And it’s a real pain to walk the dogs in torrential downpours, but today made me think about it differently.  Since the rain seems intent on staying with us, the possibility of adapting to it seemed like a wise choice.

And I think that’s just what happened on this morning’s walk with my dogs.  Now, normally, I’m not so keen about cold drops of water smacking me in my face, but as I turned the corner and walked into the wind, the sensation of each drop actually began to feel quite lovely.  It’s hardly cold outside.  Getting my face sprayed my face with water droplets felt exhilarating.  Way better than I thought.

IMG 4711
They do look so pretty catching the light on a cloudy day.

It was when I turned another corner and lost the wind that I realized I wanted it back.

But the dogs were not as enthusiastic as me.  I had to get them home.  So I dropped them off, turned around, and gleefully charged outside and into my first puddle.

IMG 4714

I highly recommend it.

Join the puddle revolution with me!

Happy New Year, everyone.

I hope you jump in a puddle when you see one.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Puddle Revolution”

  1. My version of puddle jumping is mountain and road biking. I especially love a road ride on a warm rainy day, as long as the rain comes AFTER the ride starts and my body is warmed up from the ride. The only kicker is when my bike gloves get water logged. And the mountain bike is good after the rain, when there are still puddles and the moisture has soaked through the dirt. There has been more than one ride where I have returned with dirt in my teeth, gained from the smile on my face, and grit embedded in the hair on my legs.. as well as the mud stripe up the back of my shorts!

      1. I was strictly a road biker for close to 20 years. Then I discovered single track (dirt) mountain biking about three years ago, started investing in better equipment, and now I ride my mountain bike the majority of the time. A good portion of it is getting outside in nature, enjoying the beauty of the woods. Discovering mountain biking has enhanced my life so much, especially in the last year!

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