Surviving Christmas

It’s been a few days since Christmas and I’m just beginning to return to normal.  Not quite back yet, but baby steps lead to bigger steps.

It starts out innocently enough.  If you’re lucky, you’ve already got a stash of gifts hidden or at least under your radar.

Then Thanksgiving ends.

We’re thankful and riding high from the love of family and friends, eating, drinking and being very merry…but, secretly lurking underneath that momentary bubble of happiness is the promise of a ticking time bomb tick tick tocking away until Christmas morning.

By the time that day arrives, we may be on the brink of collapse.  I almost had a meltdown when I realized my shortcoming here:

IMG 4517

I have a feeling I’m not alone. In fact I know I’m not.  I reached out to my BFF, Steph T and sent her this picture  on December 23rd.

IMG 4516
I can’t wrap anymore…

This is what she sent back 10 minutes later.

IMG 4639
“Hey Steph, is that flour on your face?”

Yes, she is wearing a poinsettia in her hair.  Clearly, she has lost it, too.  That’s why I love her.

All the days of trying to find the perfect gift for the 20th time for my three cherubs have come to this defining moment.  Whatever is done is now done.  Like it or leave it.

Time is up.

But they better damn well love their gifts. Let this mom collapse in the pleasure of knowing that she succeeded in finding her way to the hearts of each child she so lovingly thought of each and every day.  Damn it.

With anticipation, I grab my tea, phone, bifocals and record that special moment….will they like it?  Will they love it?  Will they remember I tried to be fair?  I think I spent the same amounts, but  keeping track of everyone’s gifts and hiding them for four f*#@ing weeks in my jam-packed closet may be all  it takes to send me over the cliff now.  I can’t go back out there.

Time is up.

It all paid off.  Another Christmas success story and  I can carve another notch in my curriculum vitae. IMG_4531

What did I do on the day after Christmas?   Sat down with a big glass of red wine and watched The Lawrence Welk show.

IMG 4616

It was fantastic.

Happy New Year, everyone!

2016 is going to ROCK!

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