My Ten Favorite Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

Are you banging your head against the wall trying to pick out a paint color?

I’ve got an early Christmas present for you.  I’m sharing the article I wrote for a local magazine, Triangle Style.  They recently celebrated their tenth anniversary issue and asked me to share my ten favorites.

That’s hard to do, but these ten paints rock.  Throughout the years, these ten make the mark.   My clients tend to love them, too.   Click here to read the article. It begins on page 56.  Color swatches included. 🙂

The magazine is beautiful and full of great articles, photographs and  ads from some very cool local businesses. It’s out on the newsstands now.  Pick up a copy before they are gone!  They go fast…

Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore”

  1. Great article!! I have Horizon Gray in my Family Room and am getting ready to paint a bonus room Eternity. Will look at the other colors for some upcoming projects. Thanks Stephie Lou!!

  2. Glad I bumped into your article this morning. This morning, I was contemplating my downstairs powder room and thinking about the changes I need to make, floor to ceiling. I might try that parrot orange. Any recommendations for flooring?

      1. Hey, good for you for doing it yourself! If you go with Parrot, stick with cooler tiles with lots of gray in there. As long as you stick with cooler colors rather than warmer colors, it’s going to balance that orange so nicely.

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