Goat Milk Soap

My parents once threatened to wash my mouth out with soap.  Actually, I think they did.  I wish this stuff  was around back then.  I would have taken a bite out of it.


It’s all about the goats.  Main ingredient:  their milk.


I didn’t go to a mall or order the soap online.  I walked up to the owner, and enjoyed a conversation with her as my friend and I sniffed and sniffed the many fragrant, pretty, handcrafted goat milk soaps.

The farmers’ market rocks.  It’s about people working hard all week and then bringing the fruits of that labor directly to you.   You walk away with a satisfaction you cannot get at a national chain.  And perhaps, a few new friends. In fact, I’ve decided to do the majority of my Christmas shopping at the market this year.  That cheese alone…

I’ll start at  Western Wake Farmers’ market.  That where I found this soap. It’s not as big as the one in Raleigh, but WWFM has a variety of friendly vendors.  They seem to like one another, too.    I stayed away for awhile because I thought it was too expensive.  It’s not.  You shop wiser and only buy what you really need.  After all, you have to carry everything home.    It tends to get eaten and not wasted.

These amazing handcrafted soaps run three for $15!     Two Bridges Farm from Louisburg, NC.

two-bridges-farm-goat-milk-soaps.jpgAfter talking to her for a few minutes, I imagined soaking in a tub of goat milk.  I raced home and lathered up with the Lemongrass Oats & Honey.  Holy cow…better than I had hoped.  Lots of creamy, aromatic lather. My bathroom now smells like an Aveda salon.IMG 3843I haven’t tried the Lavender bliss yet, but it’s one is her most popular soaps and it kind of smells divine.IMG 3841Locals, if you haven’t already, check out these and more (so much more) at the WWFM in Cary.

Friendliest bunch of vendors around.  Dry humor is free!locals-seafood-sign.JPG

They will be open tomorrow from 3-6 pm for  Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.   Just look for the white tents.  Stop by and see them.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

When I return from my holiday travels, I’m heading straight to the market to buy some scones from  Boulted Breads of South street in Raleigh.  Yet, another amazing vendor.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Gobble, gobble.



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