“That’s A Great Question”

There ought to be a limit on the number of times a person says “that’s a great question” during an interview or conversation.  I’d say two times is more than enough.  Sadly, those who throw that statement in there tend to abuse the crap out of it.

I was just listening to an interview on the radio.  Over and over again, the guest responded with “that’s a great question.”  And the thing is, they were not great questions.  I mean, they were ok, but nowhere near “great”.  Who are you kidding?  Not your audience…

I wonder if people who abuse it are on the narcissistic side.   It takes a knowledgeable person to recognize a great question.  So if you’re constantly stating they’ve asked yet another great question aren’t you really saying that you approve and are patting that great question asker excessively on the back like you need to be seen as that beacon of intelligence and generosity of spirit?

I would like to hear someone say: “Now that’s a bad question.”  “A real waste of a question.”  Can you do better than that?”

Just be honest. If someone doesn’t ask you a great question, don’t say it is.  Don’t even hint that it’s a good question.   It has to be an amazing, original, thought-provoking question.

Actually, even if it is a good question, can we just leave it at that?  You can secretly admire the question all you want.  I promise you, everyone will appreciate your discipline.  We don’t want to hear you say it over and over again.  So stop it.

This is an example of a great question:

Any questions?

4 thoughts on ““That’s A Great Question””

  1. Hilarious:) Can not tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase over the last few weeks….totally agree with you. Sometimes I think the person is seriously trying to figure out their answer because they, Like Michael Scott…have no flippin’ idea. Lately I’ve been a bit amused by how many men think it will make a woman feel ‘smart’ if he says, “what a great question.”….I’ve been to just a few too many job fairs lately..thx for the chuckle and LOVE the excellent question regarding the RAID…WTH is in that can is right!!

  2. The corollary to “that’s a great question” is “that’s a really good idea”, which translates loosely to “I’m not gonna do jack about it, but if I tell you it’s a good idea, maybe you’ll be distracted and won’t realize that’s what I mean.” And you know what happens when you come back with, “I’m so glad you agree. When can I expect you to implement that?”
    (Badass comeback, I know.)

    They stop taking your calls. (Which is kind of funny, and totally true.)

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