Operation Don’t Move!

Only one goose is  sort of questioning the whole “pretend we’re decoys” ploy.IMG_1559

Is it normal for geese to all look in the same direction?   Kind of reminds me of marching band formations.

The dogs and I walked by them and marveled at the silence from the geese.  At least I marveled.

I find it kind of amusing.  Are they thinking we are that slow?  I can hear the leader, Jerry, now.   “Ok, guys, it’s just like we rehearsed.  Operation Don’t Move is a go. I repeat. Operations Don’t Move is a go.  Female human and two small canines approaching.   Hold your positions.”

How fun would be be to unleash Max and foil their operation?  I know better, but still…

Round one to the geese.

Canadian Geese

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