Not all cloudy skies are dreary.

IMG 1500

When you haven’t seen a blue sky in a couple weeks, and then you wake up to the most amazing display of deep blue, crisp white clouds and a big ball of sunshine, gratitude for such beauty dominates your soul.

IMG 1507

Especially when you’re stuck in carpool.

IMG 1510

And you make the three separate trips to three separate schools.

IMG 1516

2 thoughts on “Beholden”

  1. Great pictures. The third one from the top looked upside down. It looks like a once frozen lake that’s now being warmed by the sun.

    1. It does look upside down. 🙂 Yep. Pieces of a cloud broken apart. People around town were talking about those clouds this morning. I think we’ve been waterlogged for so long that this morning’s sky was amazing to see.

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