Snuggly Sweater Candle

Finally.  The humidity is gone.  The cool breeze is back.   I had to buy this candle at Target yesterday.

IMG 1435

What exactly does a “snuggly sweater” candle smell like?

It’s kind of like wrapping yourself up in a big warm blanket that just came out of the dryer.  A clean, inviting scent.  One that makes you smile and perhaps puts you in the mood to read, bake, walk or wear a snuggly sweater.

On sale for $4.99.

IMG 1433

Got my sweater on.

Cotton, not wool, but big, soft and very snuggly.

6 thoughts on “Snuggly Sweater Candle”

  1. Ooooooh, is it wrong for a guy to say that about a candle? I am 2 minutes from a Tarjay right now. I am literally and figuratively sick of the sea salt and caramel corn candle that I have in my office right now.

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