Sunday Dinner

I spent Saturday night reading through an old cookbook.  These books are truly more than just recipes. At least the good ones.  Stories, pictures, quirkiness…it’s all there.

I found this picture while going through recipes for the week from a cookbook I have rarely touched.

IMG 1384

I think those are supposed to be animals behind those cans.

There are  a bunch of great recipes in this cookbook.   This one struck me.

IMG 1390

Marjorie has a sense of humor.   However, she needs to work on her spelling.  Cocoanut?

It’s the second time I’ve seen that spelling in older books though so maybe I should give her a break.

IMG 1393

She looks so sweet.  Just like my old home economics teacher in 7th grade.

Happy Sunday to you.  Cook something and share it. 🙂


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