“All The World’s A Stage”

She sleeps like a little angel.  Well, she was rescued by  “Cat Angels” of Cary, NC.   IMG 1205

It’s nice to have a pet with such high self-esteem.

I love my dogs, Max and Ellie.  They just need to have a little faith I’m going to return when I leave them at home.  Every day, it’s the same thing. The barking, howling and then full-on wailing commences as soon as I walk toward the garage door.

At a fever pitch.

Pressing the garage door remote cannot come fast enough.

I’m hoping Cora can teach the dogs some relaxation techniques while I’m gone.  She doesn’even know when I leave.  Max and Ellie act they have been mortally wounded.

They should be onstage, not Cora.

My name is Max, but you can call me Batman.”
Ellie. Femme fatale.
Ellie. Femme fatale.
Cora just found out I’m running out for an errand.

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