Nature’s Bounty

From far away, you might not notice it or even like it.

Or maybe you think it looks like moldy fungus sprouting up from summer’s humid streak.  It’s only when you lean in and inspect it up close that you discover it’s so much more that beautiful.

It’s incredible.  Every seed has it’s own space in each cozy pod.  There is beauty in uniformity.

IMG 1195

They capture my attention each time I walk by.  So I finally stopped to take a picture with my iPhone 4s. Yep, the 4s is still going strong.

The seed pods burst open a few days ago.  I’m not sure where the seeds came from.  One day the entire pile suddenly appeared.

IMG 1196

Upon first glance, this tin dog looks like he may have played a role in this sudden deposit.

IMG 1197

My children tease me about being so easily amused.

Sure makes life more fun.

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