“Too Old For This”

Yep, that’s me. I’m turning 50 in a couple of days.  First selfie on the blog.

Wrinkles?  Hell yeah.  Brown spot?  Yup.  Do I still feel beautiful?

You know it!

Dominique Browning says it’s when we women reach 60 that we are more apt to say “I’m too old for this”.  And she doesn’t mean exercise.

As I approach 50 and I say goodbye to years of trying too hard or saying or doing something I don’t really want to say or do… I will just remember Dominique’s mantra and happily copy it: “I’m too old for this.”

And I will stop doing it.


Another favorite:  “Ain’t Nobody got time for this!”

10 thoughts on ““Too Old For This””

  1. Happy (impending) Birthday!
    I remember once overhearing someone ask my mother (who was probably 65 or so at the time) if she could go back and be any age again, what would she choose. I was surprised when she answered, “50.” When I followed up with her later, she said it was because we were grown & out of the house so she & Dad had time alone (you’re not quite there yet), they were still young & healthy enough to do pretty much whatever they wanted (and fortunately continue to be so in their 70’s), and financially secure enough to be able to afford it.
    And I gotta say….having hit 50 myself (last year), I kind of agree with her. A lot of the trappings and insecurities that plague a person seem to just somehow fall away. It’s not a magic number, but there’s something about being this age that makes me realize that I am, in fact, a grown up, and I do know what I’m doing (professionally and otherwise), and anybody that doesn’t have something good to bring to the table can just keep on walkin’.
    Thanks for the link to Dominique’s article. This is the line that resonated with me:
    “We will always be knocked down. It’s the getting up that counts. ”
    She’s wrong about being too old to dye her hair green, though. I just had hot pink streaks put in mine….because I’m too old to not have the hair I want. 🙂
    Happy happy birthday, my friend! May you have a wonderful, celebratory day!

    1. What a wonderful tribute to 50 and so nice of you to share that with me. I think you are right on the money and now, more than ever I begin to embrace the same things and feelings. I’m finding it rather cathartic!! xo stephielou

  2. I am 54. This past weekend I rode a mountain bike on rough dirt trails for close to 8 hours in 2 days. 50 ain’t nothin, sister , and from what I can see from here you have what most 20 somethings would be jealous of. And didn’t you say in a blog recently that construction workers were ogling you? Keep rocking it!

  3. You look as enchanting and irresistible as you did the night we met. Too old for this? Certainly not. I am too far away however 🙂 Happy Birthday Stephanie.

      1. I’ve been in Oregon since ’97. I must say, you’re a rarity. It’s comforting to see that you haven’t lost your unique perspective or passion.

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