His and Her’s

I have to admit, I’ve never considered a toilet as a planter at the front of my home, but when I pulled my car over to get a better look, I was more amused by the work boots.  It took me a moment.  Why the boots?

IMG 0718

And then I walked over to the other toilet and saw the women’s cowboy boots and I got it. His and Her’s toilets.  Of course.

Doesn’t look like things went so well for Cowgirl.  I think she had a rough night.IMG 0719

Someone has a terrific, albeit, a twisted sense of humor.  And then I met him.  He started walking up his long driveway with his two dogs and motioned to me to come over.  He must have been wondering why I was taking pictures of his driveway (toilet perspective).  Actually, I think my purpose there seemed rather obvious, but I’m stranger taking pictures and he needed to know why.  Moments earlier, I put my business card with a quick mention about my blog.

I walked up to him, smiling and laughing, wearing semi-pjs and a scary ponytail. He probably thought I had a few missing brain cells, but I did not expect to actually talk to a stranger that morning. Regardless of my half-strewn appearance and almost incoherent sentences (had the giggles), he seemed to recognize I was a harmless mini-van mom.  I think he liked my reason for stopping.  I know I wasn’t the first one to notice.

From another view:

IMG 0721

IMG 0720

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