A Toilet, Free Veggies, Giant Hay Bales and The Blob

The daily drive to Wake Forest continues all week.  Thanks to traffic congestion, I’ve had the opportunity to check out the sites on the sides of the road.

Look closely. It’s a lovely house beyond the gate. It has a spacious lawn, long driveway, even a gate at the entrance.  And on each side of the driveway and brick pillars…toilets.  Repurposed as planters.

Need to use the bathroom? How about some free veggies? I need to meet the homeowner/s.

Love it or hate it, one must give credit to whomever imagined using  toilets repurposed as planters AT THE ENTRANCE of a lovely home.  I bet they do a fine job and growing plants.  A little manure…ok, I will not go there.  Maybe I should stop by tomorrow and meet the owner/s.  How kind of them to offer free veggies to the public.  Those are some nice zucchinis.

And now, an update on the bales of hay:  They moved.IMG_0712I assume there’s some special machine that lines them up, but it would be fun to push one of those hay bales.  It could be a great activity until someone gets crushed by one.  That’s the mom in me.  Can you imagine?  “Look out!  There’s a hay bale on the loose!”   Brings up memories of “The Blob.”  That movie terrified me. I had dreams for years about a massive pea rolling down a street after me.   The special effects alone…

Here’s a preview.  Watch the whole thing, if you can.  You’ll have to trust me.  It’s worth it. Steve McQueen’s first movie role.

How fun would it be to see this movie at a drive-in movie theater this summer?

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