Waste Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Just in case you were thinking about bringing a dead animal to the dump, think again.

IMG 0706

I expect see many things on this list, but dead animals are not one of them.

For that matter, neither are sludges, white goods (what are they?), or radioactive waste.  Wake County has covered any and all possibilities.

Well, actually, they could’ve added “dead bodies”, but maybe that’s actually be a little obvious to all of us.

IMG 0708

2 thoughts on “Waste Disposal Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. Interesting mix of unacceptable materials….some that I’d think are relatively harmless (yard waste) and some that are really not (radioactive waste! Who the heck has radioactive waste at home?!)
    “White goods” are large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. When I got rid of my old washing machine (avocado green, BTW….not white at all), I had to arrange with the borough for a “white goods” pick up. But after all that, someone (a scrapper, i guess) snagged it before the trash pick up. 🙂

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