“Promises Kept”

I actually followed up on a post promise.  I returned to the “hubcap place” from Sunday’s drive and Tuesday’s post.

While I was there, I snapped a few more pictures and left my business card in the mailbox.  Just in case someone wondered why there’s a crazy woman parked in the driveway and walking around taking pictures…Ironically, it’s called “Promises Kept”. 🙂

Promises Kept Horse Boarding
Promises Kept Horse Boarding

Sure enough, before I returned home, all my questions about this place were answered by one of the owners!  Here’s her message:

Actually it used to be an old country store; they sold gas, snacks and drinks and assorted things. The old gas pump out front is made out of wood. The nozzle and the hose are from a real gas pump. my husband made it and I painted it. With collected signs, license plates, and old hubcaps and decorated the outside of it. The inside is the workshop where my husband stays busy. Yes it used to be an old country store, now it is just good memories for those who pass. Thanks for the photographs they’re great. -Wanda

I love all of her signs. This is a great way to dress up a barn or any old structure. If only King Edwards cigars were really five cents.


Thanks, Wanda!!  I love learning about the history of a place.  I can imagine how enjoyable it used to be to run a place like this.  I would have been here every week!  I might have to drop off an old sign as a thank you.

Summer is definitely alive and kicking now.   And I kind of like this exploring thing.

Look for more!

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