Nostalgia Lives

No matter how summers come and go, I always welcome their beginnings.  I”m lucky enough to live in a beautiful area of North Carolina.  A simple Sunday drive never disappoints.

This lovely place always captures my heart.  I managed to snap a few pictures from the car as I passed by.


I’m not sure it’s open, but I’m going back tomorrow to find out.

Is it a gas station?


Or is it a grocery store?


Whatever it is, it is worth the visit.


4 thoughts on “Nostalgia Lives”

  1. Actually it used to be an old country store; they sold gas, snacks and drinks and assorted things. The old gas pump out front is made out of wood. The nozzle and the hose are from a real gas pump. my husband made it and I painted it. With collected signs, license plates, and old hubcaps and decorated the outside of it. The inside is the workshop where my husband stays busy. Yes it used to be an old country store, now it is just good memories for those who pass. Thanks for the photographs they’re great. Wanda

    1. Thank you, Wanda! I’m so thrilled to learn about it. Just love how inviting and happy it makes me feel when I drive by. May I share your comments in my next post. I was planning to follow-up with that very information and I returned today to take some better pictures. 🙂 Stephanie

  2. Sure. People in the community still call the house ” the Kelly house” and we’ve been here over19 years. The house was built in 1911. It needed much TLC and we have been up dating and working for years. With an old house there is always something to do. We have loved every minute of it. It’s our little piece of Heaven.

    1. I almost bought the Victorian down the street from you! Had some structural issues beyond my abilities ( or pocketbook!), but I too, love old houses and look forward to buying one some day. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!!

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