Dining Room Before & After

My client was not having this golden color in the dining room.

IMG 9132

Her style is more modern.  Clean lines, dramatic, simple design.  She found this stunning modern table and felt gold walls weren’t doing it justice.  She was right, although I’ll say the color palette wasn’t bad.  I like that the previous owner chose a darker ceiling color to complements those tan walls.  But it doesn’t work now.

So, without hesitation, I chose a color that ironically reminds us how we’re supposed to behave in the dining room:  “Etiquette” from Benjamin Moore paints.   One must pay attention to one’s manners in the dining room.

The blue rug also helped me figure it out. Etiquette is in there.

Here it is now:

“Etiquette AF-50” :

IMG 9737

The room is part of an open first floor plan, so once again consider how the new paint color will connect to the other rooms.  Beyond the doorway, I chose another Benjamin Moore favorite:  “Thunder”, AF-685“.  I like this transition.  It’s seamless and easy on the eyes.  And Etiquette is so understated.  It’s elegant and doesn’t overpower the space.

Did you notice the chair railing is gone?  It definitely allows the eye to take in  the whole space without being distracted.  Sometimes less is more. I can’t believe I just said that, but in this case, it applies.  We don’t need chair railings just because there’s a dining room.  If you prefer a cleaner, more minimalist design, take them down.

She did it herself.

My kind of client.

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