Bedroom Before & Afters

Before and Afters are so fun to compare.  I never grow tired of them.  These are some examples of bedrooms from the same home I’ve been allowed to share with you.  This first one is from the bedroom of a young boy.  It left a lot of room for possibilities.

IMG 9283

So I went dramatic and chose another strong color.  This is an old favorite of mine:  “Hale Navy” from Benjamin Moore.  Thankfully, the owner was open to such a bold move.

IMG 9368

Navy is a great choice.  It’s nautical, cozy and works with any neutral flooring.  I’m thinking a pair of brass sconces or anchor lamps would look really good in here.  We also switched that basic builder white paint with creamier tones of “Ivory Tusk” from Benjamin Moore on the ceiling and on all of the trim.


Then, there’s the younger sister’s room.  This is how it looked before we painted.IMG 9281

Now she’s only about four or five, loves Disney movies and pretty things.  Instead of pink, I liked the softness of this purple.  It will grow with her more that pink, too.  This is “Enchanted” by Ben Moore.

IMG 9369

And then there’s Dad’s room, the master bedroom.  Poor, dull walls.  IMG 9275

Once again, my client beckoned me to stretch.  He didn’t want gray or blues or greens or any common bedroom colors.  Nope.  He wanted cozy.  He wanted color.

He got it.

This is “Masada” from Benjamin Moore.  I love it.  His smaller room, which will be used for reading, meditating in the evening is now “Tumeric”

IMG 9363

Next color post:  His kitchen.  I messed up the first time.  We had to go back and change the nasty color I chose.  Today, I get to go see the results.  I’ll share it with you tomorrow. 🙂

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