Happy Home Office

He wanted to feel happy.  Creative.  Energetic.  And he wasn’t afraid of color.  At all.
My favorite kind of client.

IMG 9388
Wall color: “Sunrays” Benjamin Moore paints

Back to the psychology of yellow. There’s no denying its effect on your mood.  When you walk into this space, your mood is instantly elevated.  I felt like singing, but I was thoughtful enough to spare my client.

How can you get away with a color like this? You need two things: a separate, enclosed space like a corner office, and you need to balance it with a cool color like this neutral gray.

IMG 9387
Wall color: Gray Owl OC-52, Benjamin Moore Paints

We’re just beginning to work on this room.  It started out in that builder beige:

IMG 9278

By creating this airy atmosphere through the center of the house, it allows other rooms to define their space however one pleases.
I’d say we did that here.

IMG 9440
If it’s too much, there’s always the door. It opens and shuts.

I’ll share the results of the 2nd floor bedrooms off of this atmospheric gray. Three rooms. Very different.

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